The World’s Highest Ranking Casinos


Casinos are not cheap and, therefore, it’s hard to tell which one is the best because many factors are put into consideration. But some are just better and more outstanding than others.

The world’s hottest casinos and why you’ll love them


The Venetian, Macau

This is the largest resort building in the whole of Asia and also the 6th biggest building on earth. It covers the total space of about 546,000 square feet. This is arguably the largest casino on earth. It’s luxuriously amazing and the beauty of it is breathtaking, showing why Macau is to China what Texas is to the USA. In fact, it is bigger than Las Vegas, but only slightly. It is located not far from the sea named South China. And when compared to Vegas, the margin is not big because just like Vegas, the roads and canals are themed beautifully. Many people come here for high stake gambling due to its assorted equipment for different games, it is even possible to play free slots no deposit: get more free spins and bonus games. Gaming machines, poker, slot and table games, you name it – you will find it here. It also has bars, swimming pools, hotel suits, and shopping centres.


Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is the capital of the small nation Monaco. Most of the people living there are very wealthy individuals. It is known mostly for its very high stake casinos. Casino Monte Carlo with no doubt is the biggest and the most fascinating in town. This casino was built on the coast of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. When compared to modern casinos of the USA and China in terms of classic beauty, they are not on the same level, looking glamorous with their neon. This building was completed in the year 1863, with brilliant chandeliers and columned atrium. It also is a popular opera house and it’s known to have the highest number of slot machines in Europe and high stake games as well.


City Of Dreams, Macau

This spot was designed, and is owned and run by Melco Crown Entertainment. It is the number one building launched by Sands Corps in the year 2009 and it is among the biggest properties or structures in Macau. It is designed like a podium with two towers, which consist of a huge casino,hotel suites and shopping centres. It also has many alluring attractions like the famous Dancing Water Theatre. The major facilities include a Casino of 420,000 sq ft, the hotel which consists of1,400 rooms, shopping centres of about 175,000 sq ft, and lots of dining venues.


The Bellagio, Las Vegas

This one has an amazing history because it holds a very important responsibility for the background of Texas Hold’em. The Golden Nugget and Dunes casinos are located at the same place, but Dunes is now enhanced and relocated to the Bellagio. It’s about 116,000 sq ft with casino offering many different kinds of poker games, luxurious hotels and the beautiful famous dancing fountains.

If you are looking to have a splendid vacation, visiting any of these casinos will leave you with an experience that you will never forget.