The wind sculpture that produces clean energy

A solution for the production of clean energy, without compromising the beauty and pleasure of use.

Enessere Hercules Wind Generator-work of art

Enessere Hercules Wind Generator is a vertical axis wind turbine that converts kinetic wind power into clean electricity.

Made from titanium, wood, carbon fiber and marine grade stainless steel, this wind generator called Enessere Hercules is the combined result of wind engineers and the skillful hands of expert craftsmen. Enessere Hercules is a vertical axis wind turbine that converts kinetic wind power into clean electricity. Hercules has a power output of 5 kW, optimum height of at least seven meters and is suitable for the average electricity consumption of a family household.

The distinctive design of Enessere Hercules significant advantages as it can be placed in any landscape, even highly prestigious ambiances, say its creators. It was designed to integrate seamlessly with its surroundings and contribute to enhancing the architectural context in which it is installed. Ideally, it can be located in private villas, nature reserves, in public gardens and parks.

Enessere Hercules Wind Generator--sculpture for harvesting wind Enessere Hercules Wind Generator--factory details- Enessere Hercules Wind Generator-

The bespoke spokes offer a refined shape and structural aesthetic lightness that exalt the North American Cedar wood wings, in this eternal conflict between metal and natural material.

The shape of the rotor is the result of extensive aerodynamic studies. The balance between this organic shape and the use of
innovative materials make Enessere Hercules Wind Generator a highly attractive and elegant product in its simplicity and fundamental aesthetic.

The North American cedar wood has an aerodynamic function due to the structural strength given by the inner carbon fiber rods and Ergal (aluminium alloy 7075) substrates used in the attachment points with the carbon fiber spokes.

The Enessere Hercules Wind Generator wooden wings weigh a fraction over seven kilograms over a length of more than three meters, a payoff that puts them on a par with more traditional blades made of composite materials, but from an aesthetic point of view there is no comparison.

Enessere Hercules Wind Generator--factory details

“The metal structure was designed with the help of structural simulations, stress tests and vibration tests, in conjunction with
considerable field experience of our team of metal craftsmen, who have been engaged in industrial and interior design for over forty years. The choice of premium metals such as Ergal and carbon fiber for the spokes, the stainless Steel Inox 304-316 for the construction of the mast, provide Enessere Hercules Wind Generator with an unparalleled degree of safety and structural robustness,” explained Enessere team. The company designs and creates products which are both innovatively esthetically beautiful and technological, built to blend perfectly into any environment like Andromeda Hydrogen Generator and various hydrogen-powered applications. Enessere offers complete solutions that help achieve total energy independence, placing man at the center of all research, thus humanizing cutting-edge technological solutions.

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