The Life of Luxury: Teacup French Bulldogs vs. Royal Frenchel Micro Mini


Living a life of luxury is not complete without the perfect canine companion at your side (or in your purse). One of the most beloved and adorable dogs on the rise is the Teacup French Bulldog. This breed is popular for its appearance, small stature, and fun-loving personality. But it also comes with a host of health problems that may make you consider alternatives to the breed, like the Royal Frenchel Bulldog. The Royal Frenchel Bulldog has been bred to look similar to the mini French bulldog with its irresistible face and small, stubby body—but that’s where the similarities end.

Royal Frenchel Bulldogs are superior to your typical mini French Bulldog when it comes to health, personality, and overall breed. With its Boston Terrier coloring, bulldog popularity, and miniature size, this breed is becoming one of the highest in demand today. If you are looking for investment into one of the world’s most luxurious dogs, be prepared to give it a luxurious life. After all, they go hand in hand.


The Rise of the Teacup French Bulldog

Over the past ten years, breeders have seen the demand for this breed grow by almost 250 percent. Not only are these puppies incredibly adorable, but they are also amazing companions that make them perfect for women, men, and those with families. However, they are a very high maintenance dog, which is what drives up the cost. They are difficult to breed and require medical attention regularly throughout their life. However, they are the perfect dog to spoil and showcase, making the demand grow even more.

Proper Maintenance

A Teacup French Bulldog requires some regular maintenance, which is great for individuals who can provide adequate medical care. Regular grooming and checking of the eyes and wrinkles are important. A Teacup French Bulldog should always look their best. Their teeth can develop problems, so proper brushing three times a week and regular checkups are pretty standard. Although these little pups only grow to be less than a foot tall, they do require room to play and exercise. Those who are serious about maintaining proper health for their dog and want it to live a long, luxurious life should not have any problem footing the bill to keep these adorable pets looking and feeling their best.

Adequate Accessories

If the Royal Frenchel Micro Mini’s coat, nails, and teeth look good, it is appropriate to ensure that these dogs go out in style. Because of their size, finding the perfect outfits and accessories are a breeze. Due to availability on the market, finding incredibly stylish matching outfits between dog and owner is relatively easy. Making your bulldog Gucci is incredibly fun. These pups know they look good and will flaunt it with confidence.


The Comforts of Home

Royal Frenchels come in three size variations, all of which are smaller than most dog breeds. The caveat is that, despite their small stature, these dogs can exercise and play with the best of them. They’re bred primarily for health and sturdiness, making them a breed that can grow with you and your family. The Royal Frenchels are so incredible, they need to live a life of luxury at home as well. Spending good money on a beautiful dog bed or indoor doggie home is a must.

Remember, these dogs are extremely small, so it is important that they can reach what they need to do with ease. These Frenchies need to have beautiful dishes that are appropriate for their height and many toys to play with to keep them active. Providing them with a great window seat near their bed keeps them entertained, and ensuring they have a warm, snuggly blanket to burrow into will keep them warm and comfortable. No expense should be spared when considering the home you build for your companion inside of your home.


Riding in Style

Traveling with your pup will attract a lot of attention. Sporting the most in style carrier or purse is a must. These pups do not belong in anything substandard. If they are riding in the car, check out accessories similar to what the Land Rover has created. With quilted seats for spoiled rides, water bowls, rinse systems for muddy days, and ramps providing easy access, car accessories for a Royal Frenchel are the perfect way to provide them with luxurious travel.

A Royal Frenchel Micro Mini is the perfect canines for those who like to live a life of luxury. Once the handsome price has been paid for these beautiful creatures, it is important to continue providing them with the home and travel accessories that they deserve to show them off. Properly caring for them and dressing them in nothing but the best will show them how much you truly care, and they in return will provide you with incredible attention and confidence. This breed is fast on the rise, and their demand is there for a reason. For those who love small dogs, a Royal Frenchel is a perfect addition to any home that is the sporting life of luxury.