The Guerlain Orchidarium ensures a perfect traceability of this exceptional resource

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Orchid is a rare flower that defy time effect and a very precious raw material for high-end skincare maisons like Gueralin. Certain species of orchids live to over a century. To discover their properties and the secret of their longevity Guerlain created the Orchidarium, a research platform spanning three centers across the globe: the Experimental Garden in Geneva, a special nature reserve in China, and the Basic Research Laboratory in Strasbourg (France).

While in Switzerland, The Guerlain Experimental Garden cultivates a unique collection of wild orchids in greenhouses, in China, in the TianZi nature reserve, Guerlain protects and replant wild orchids in their natural habitat using the “jungle farming” method. The reforestation method has enabled the reserve to revitalize the natural habitat of orchids native to the region. After more than 12 years of research in the Orchidarium, Guerlain selected four orchids from amongst 30,000.

Guerlain the TianZi nature reserve

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“Cultivation spans the entire ecosystem, from subsoil to the forest canopy, introducing a multitude of plant species and micro-organisms in each stratum,” explains Guerlain’s team.

According to Guerlain, more than 500,000 trees have been planted since 2007 and 880,000 young tree shoots have grown since 2011. A total of 120 plant species have been identified in the reserve, which is the only environment where certain types of orchids can grow.

The recreated environment has enabled the reintroduction of 25 different species of orchids and more than 12,000 specimens of wild orchids.

One of the most precious orchids is the Gold Orchid. Certified natural and organic by Ecocert, this flower is cultivated with no fertilizer or pesticides and picked by hand. The House ensure a perfect traceability of this exceptional resource.

In France, the Basic Research Laboratory, located in Strasbourg, collect the samplings provided by the two other orchid projects. The most precious longevity molecules of orchids are then selected to be incorporated in Guerlain’s formulas like famous Orchidée Impériale.

Since its creation in 2006, Orchidée Impériale has evolved to reflect the discoveries of the Orchidarium to offer continuously renewed global age-defying effectiveness.

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