The art of vinyl playback not forgotten. AMG Viella 12 turntable

AMG (Analog Manufaktur Germany), a bespoke multi-story Bavarian factory, advances the art of vinyl playback with Viella 12 or simply, V12.

AMG factory has been manufacturing key, precision parts for some of the world’s most highly regarded turntables for over a decade. This expertise in the design and manufacture of turntables led to the AMG line, premiering with the luxury Viella 12 ($ 15.000).

All machining for AMG Viella 12 “V12” turntable is done in the factory located north of Munich, combining the latest Computer Aided Design and CNC machines with “classic analog” tools including custom lathes and drill presses. With three speeds, a matte black design complemented by an optional hardwood trim, Viella 12 has precision locking system allowing easy adjustment during play.