Behind the curtains.Interview with Barbara Coignet – CEO 1.618 Sustainable Luxury

It was the 3rd Edition and it was a great success. Against all the odds and all the obstacles , Barbara Coignet and hers 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Community did a step forward.

A 2LUXURY2 interview taken during the event with Barbara Coignet – CEO and Founder.

“1.618 is a pioneering and visionary movement , a window on a more harmonious world.

1.618 celebrate new Luxury , the beauty of the world arround us and the power of creative innovation.

The culture of  luxury can be sustainable if it continues to evoke desire in an esthetical and responsible context. 1.618 brings togheter brands, entrepreneurs, thinkers, researchers, NGO’s and artists that interact to build a better world. By making sustainable development a priority, they are paving the way and opening doors for a new global economy.

A true circle for knowledge – sharing , information and networking, 1.618 puts forward those that reinvent , transform , innovate and participate in redefining Luxury that is more ethical, respectful and committed.

The movement has materialized since 2009 in the form of an annual event : 1.618 Sustainable Luxury.

Trade show, contemporary art exhibition, prospective innovation area, conferences…” – Barbara Coignet