Showing Some Love to Your Curly Hair: Tips for Keeping it Beautiful and Healthy

While your curls aren’t the most important thing about you, they do happen to be a feature that you love. One of the ways you show some love to that beautiful head of hair is to treat it with respect. Try these tips and your hair will be easy to manage and always look great.

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 A Wide-Tooth Comb is Your Best Friend

While some hair types require a brush, consider using a wide-tooth comb instead. The texture and body of your hair make it harder for a brush to manage tangles and could lead to more split ends and frizzing. You’ll find that the comb allows you to ensure your curls are doing exactly what you want them to do and avoid unnecessary damage.

Comb From the Bottom Up Instead of the Top Down

Your friends with fewer curls are right to comb or brush their hair from the top down. That doesn’t work as well for you. A better approach is to start at the bottom and work your way up.

This strategy makes it easier to control the comb as it moves through your locks. You place less stress on the hair follicles and prevent damage. You can still use this bottom up approach and ensure that every hair is in place before you go out the door.

Showing Some Love to Your Curly Hair


 Reconsider the Amount of Product You Use

Not all curly hair is alike. Yours may be a little dryer or more oily than the next person. It could be thinner or thicker. All these factors influence how much conditioner and other products you need to use.

With hair care products, more is not necessarily better. Slathering too much on at a time may be causing damage instead of making things better. If you are not sure whether to use more or cut back a little, talk with your stylist. A person who is familiar with various types of curly hairstyles and different kinds of curls can tell you what to use and how much at a time is best.

Trim the Ends on a Regular Basis

Even if the plan is to let your hair grow out a little more, there is still the need to trim the ends now and then. A common recommendation from beauty experts is to trim the ends at least once every six to eight weeks. That helps to take care of frayed ends and enhances the overall appearance of your hairstyle.

Use a Tee Shirt Instead of a Towel

While unconventional, using a tee shirt to dry your hair is a smart move. After washing, use your hands to gently wring out most of the remaining water. Be careful and don’t pull or stretch the hair. Gently dry using the shirt. While the material is not as absorbant, it is gentler to your hair follicles. Thanks to this one trick, you will only need to use something to take care of frizzy hair now and then.

Make the most of those curls by keeping your hair healthy. With the right products and care, managing your hair and the style you choose will be much easier.

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