Seeking for aquatic thrills with the Electric Jet Body Board

If you are seeking aquatic thrills then this year’s Top Marque Monaco exhibitor Luxury Water Toys has just the item for visitors to take home with them. The Kymera is an all-electric jet-propelled body board which can launch its passenger at speeds across the water at speeds of up to 30 k/h.

Electric Jet Body Board 2018

Kymera Electric Jet Body Board; photos:

The lightweight board, which can be carried to the waters’ edge with ease, is powered by an electric lithium-ion battery pack and can last up to two hours on a single charge. The speed of this water toy is based on the riders weight, riding conditions, salt or fresh water, and several other factors. On average, Kymera, can reach speeds up to 20mph. This is based on a riders weight of less than 175lbs. With a riders weight of 200lbs, you can expect to reach up to 13mph.

Each battery has two different settings. The first setting is the max speed setting and is what people enjoy when the battery is fully charged. This will run anywhere from 23 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours based on speed. Then, the reserve speed setting kicks in and allows a rider an additional 30 minutes (at 3mph). This reserve speed will allow the rider enough battery life to get you back to shore. If the battery is fully discharged, it will take approximately 2 hours to charge it.

“It’s very easy to handle and intuitive to navigate, you simply need to lay down on the board and press the trigger. Turning is as easy as ABC by tilting your body or using your feet. The trigger allows to adjust the speed to either enjoy a quiet ride or experience fun thrills,” a spokesman for Luxury Water Toys said.

Kymera is meant for calmer waters and is not meant for surf or waves. This is best used on lakes, bays, coves, marinas, rivers, and the ocean where little to no waves are present.



Top Marques Monaco Show (19-22 April, 2018, Grimaldi Forum Monaco) will celebrate its 15th anniversary next week.

To mark this auspicious milestone, the show is returning to its roots to bring you a spectacular display of world-class supercars in and around the Grimaldi Forum from April 19th to 22nd.

World premier supercars, rare classic cars and groundbreaking ecological vehicles will be on display in the Ravel Supercar Hall whilst more than 25 vehicles will be available for test drive on the iconic Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

Meanwhile, in the show’s Watch Pavilion and Luxury Lane – visitors will have the opportunity to marvel at – and buy – watches from leading independent horologers as well as exquisite jewellery pieces and the latest luxury lifestyle must-haves.

Electric Jet Body Board

Kymera Electric Jet Body Board; photo: