The listening experience becomes an emotional experience with Rembrandt Model V


The most immersive sound you’ll ever experience. You fall in love with your music like never before. When music lovers listen to a song on the Rembrandt Model V, they’ll hear the singer’s voice with so much clarity and detail that every little cry in the singer’s voice comes forward.

Rembrandt Laboratories has launched the Model V, a luxury home speaker system with superior audio quality using new, patent-pending technology that will bring music to life in a way that listeners have to hear to believe. And the voice does not sound like its coming from the speakers, but rather standing out in front of them. If listeners close their eyes, they will swear the artist is right there.

Rembrandt Model V-

Rembrandt Model V; photo:

“My goal in designing the Model V was to create an emotional experience for listeners unlike anything currently on the market,” said Ray Imblum, Founder, Rembrandt Laboratories. “Like a Rembrandt painting that makes you feel like you’re stepping into the scene, our speakers offer the kind of performance that brings tears to your eyes, gets you to your feet in excitement, and takes you back to the moment when you first heard that song.”

Rembrandt Laboratories strategically employed a Distributed Mode driver and refined a new patent-pending resonance chamber technology to achieve its goals of realism. The driver works on a physics principle known as “Distributed Mode,” which excites a sophisticated laminated disk using a wave theory known as “Bending Waves.” Their research developed a custom multi-chambered cavity to enhance the Distributed Mode phenomena. This patent-pending technology results in a product with superb realism, high fidelity, and great imaging.

Rembrandt Model V

Rembrandt Model V; photo:

The mid-century modern-inspired speaker system was created out of tulip popular — the same material used to create violins and cellos — the substantial, cross-grain damped construction with no parallel walls brings out the tones of the sound. Each unit is “aged” with 100 hours of power-on play before shipping. Like an instrument, the result is a vibrant, unrestricted sound wave that perfectly recreates the subtle details that take a performance from “good” to “unmissable.”

The Rembrandt Model V speaker system has a built-in amplifier that is precisely matched to the speaker drivers and provides a plug and play form that is easy to set up and allows even smartphone sources to drive robust volume levels.

Rembrandt Model V was presented during The Home Entertainment Show (T.H.E. Show) held at the Marriott Irvine (7905 Irvine Spectrum Drive, Irvine, California) from June 1 to June 3, 2018. Rembrandt’s Model V stereo speaker system is available for $3,500.

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Rembrandt Model V; photo: