Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds watch incorporates components made of flat atomic diamonds




Rebellion Timepieces fascinate both with a powerful mechanical DNA and the diversity of its designs, strongly inspired by racing cars, aviation, and aerospace engineering, especially through a new generation of Twenty-One and the Weap-One Diamonds timepieces.

Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds timepiece 2019

Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds timepiece 2019;

Passion, perfectionism and performance punctuate Rebellion Timepieces on a daily basis.

Pushing the boundaries of watchmaking is one thing, to be inspired by the aerospace industry in order to integrate it into the watch segment is quite different.

Thus, after developing the watchmaking prowess that is the asymmetrical flying tourbillon, part of the Weap-One, Rebellion incorporates this time – as a world’s first – the development of a component made of flat atomic diamonds.

Worn on the body or displayed on a dashboard, this piece of mechanical art is uninhibited by existing rules. Suspended between the hour and minute rollers, an asymmetrical, 60-second flying tourbillon rotates on multiple axes. This novel and innovative feature enables the tourbillon to defy earth’s gravitational pull from all sides. Completed with two-wheel nuts, this magnificent piece is truly revolutionary and unique.

Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds timepiece 2019 - cloeseup

Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds timepiece 2019;


Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds timepiece 2019 - closeuo

Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds timepiece 2019;

The unique Weap-One Diamonds watch (PRICE INCL. VAT 1’023’150 CHF) features a tourbillon frame made from the famous unbreakable component that is the diamond. The Japanese company, Namiki, uses a patented production method. The millimeter of flat atomic diamond is produced in 40 days, the equivalent of 280 days for 7 millimeters of this material, with unique characteristics. Added to this are 80 days of delicate polishing, performed by a CMP plasma fusion process. The realization of this unique frame in the world is then obtained in 1 year, never seen until today.

Inspired by racecar suspensions, this exclusive manufacture movement, developed in collaboration with Concepto, is housed in a detachable tube so it can easily become a miniature table clock. To facilitate handling, this technical prowess has an armature comprised of two push-pieces located on the titanium chassis.

The hour is displayed on the left and the minutes on the right, while the tourbillon is skillfully suspended between two platinum plates which rotate in opposite directions and at different speeds. Several speed differentials cause the flying tourbillon to rotate on multiple axes, rendering this manual engine extremely resistant to Earth’s gravitational pull.

The company announced that a series of accessories will soon be available to multiply the uses of this uber-luxury timepiece, allowing it to become either a desktop clock, a car clock, or a pocket watch.

Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds timepiece 2019-

Rebellion Timepieces Weap-One Diamonds timepiece 2019;


Rebellion Timepieces Twenty-One Three Hands 2019

Rebellion Timepieces Twenty-One Three Hands 2019;

REBELLION Timepieces, the Official Timekeeper of European Le Mans Series, unveiled a Twenty-One Three Hands ELMS.

This summer, the watchmaking manufacturer unveiled the new generation of Twenty-One watches that beats to the rhythm of an automatic movement. This timepiece has a date at 3 o’clock and three hands (hours, minutes, seconds).

Its swiss-made movement is complemented by a unique REBELLION finish and a timeless cushion case. With its 38- hour power reserve, it’s the perfect blend of ELMS motorsport style, and high-end watchmaking and high-tech processes.