Ready to Extend the Life of Your Luxury Goods? The Conscious Closet Has Got You Covered

The New York City retailer Bergdorf Goodman Launches The Conscious Closet.

Conscious Curation; @Bergdorf Goodman Launches The Conscious Closet

The New York City retailer to offer at-home closet editing with elevated repair and alteration services to help customers extend the life of luxury goods.

Bergdorf Goodman, the iconic New York City luxury retailer, has announced its new initiative called Conscious Closet. This program is designed to extend the useful life of luxury goods, which will include services like Edit, Repair, Alter, Resell, and Give Back. Bergdorf Goodman’s aim is to scale support for circular business models while providing customers with its renowned attention to service and experience.

The Conscious Closet initiative by Bergdorf Goodman is a new step towards sustainability in the luxury retail industry.

It not only helps customers to extend the life of their luxury goods but also supports circular business models, which can help reduce waste in the fashion industry. Other luxury retailers and online platforms could follow Bergdorf Goodman’s example and introduce similar initiatives to promote sustainability and conscious consumption.

The Conscious Closet experience will start with a personal stylist consultation, where garments are identified to either be edited, repaired, altered, or resold. The program leverages a network of strategic partners and the retailer’s in-house services to provide clients with a unique and seamless experience.

One of the key components of Conscious Closet is to extend the life of luxury goods through repair and alteration services. The retailer has partnered with Santana Leather Care, a company that provides expertise in the care and craft of leather-made items, to offer restoration services, including resoling and stretching, re-dyeing and re-finishing leather, cleaning and replacing linings, replacing hardware, and more. Bergdorf Goodman’s esteemed on-site atelier offers access to expert hands to ensure each purchase made at Bergdorf Goodman fits the client perfectly.

Conscious Curation; @Bergdorf Goodman Launches The Conscious Closet

Conscious Closet also focuses on circularity in the fashion industry, an increasingly important issue.

Through its partnership with FASHIONPHILE, the country’s largest resale platform for buying and selling ultra-luxury, pre-owned accessories, Bergdorf Goodman will offer customers circular services. Personal Shoppers will facilitate the selling of clients’ past luxury investments with FASHIONPHILE in exchange for Bergdorf Goodman gift cards, a unique proposition in the luxury retail landscape. Additionally, the company has partnered with Give Back Box to facilitate donations between clients’ closets and local charities with ease.

This new green fashion initiative is aligned with Neiman Marcus Group’s (NMG) environmental, social, governance (ESG) strategy, which includes a commitment to extend the useful life of 1,000,000 luxury items through circular services by 2025. Bergdorf Goodman’s ongoing curation of ethical and sustainable products, Conscious Curation, complements the Conscious Closet program. Conscious Curation has become a destination for conscious customers and offers unique and exclusive items from global fashion and beauty powerhouses such as Gabriela Hearst, Studio 189, Irene Forte, and more.

@Bergdorf Goodman Launches The Conscious Closet