Patek Philippe Inaugural Watch Exhibition in Dubai

From 24-27 January 2012 Patek Philippe brought the inaugural Watch Art Grand Exhibition to Dubai at the Madinat Jumeirah. The exhibition offered a rare insider’s perspective into the art of watchmaking.

Patek Philippe designed the area to recreate its headquarters in Geneva, including workshops and its own museum. It showcased about 400 timepieces dating back to its origin in 1839, including 350 watches and 50 movements.

Patek is well-known for not only aesthetics of the watch, but also the accuracy and precision of the movement. We always talk about that because when you buy a watch the most important is the movement you don’t see,” he adds.

Patek’s museum in Geneva features about 2,000 watches – and about 60 have been brought to Dubai. Some models are hundreds of years old or rare one-off pieces and many were collected by Mr Stern’s father, who was an avid history buff in this market.

The exhibition included also handcrafted clocks and “the great flower” pocket-watch.

Other exhibitions like this have been held elsewhere in the world by Patek Philippe, although this particular one featured an entirely new layout spread across more than 1,500 square metres. The exhibition will travel the world after its Dubai inauguration.

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