Over 2,300 flowers bloom in a floating garden where man and flower become one

Floating flowers bloom in the space.

floating flower garden teamlab

Over 2,300 suspended flowers are blooming in a vast white space at Tokyo’s Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. These flowers are alive and growing with each passing day of “The floating flower garden” exhibition by TeamLabNet. In this interactive installation viewers are immersed in flowers, and become completely one with the garden itself. Man and flower become one, merged into a seamless fabric of life.

“When people of the present day see these blossoms, it is as if they see them in a dream.”

Surreal colorful blossoms surround exhibition visitors in an immersive dance. The garlands of flowers most near to the entrant rise slowly and create an ephemeral cocoon.

floating flower garden teamlab2015- floating flower garden teamlab2015

Although the garden is dense with flowers, you can move to wherever you wish since the hemispherical dome always keeps covering you no matter where you go. When one person comes close to another, the two domes combine to form a unified vacant space.This interactive hanging garden makes you feel as if you are merging with the garden and becoming a part of it.

The installation was inspired by a Zen koan from Nanquan Puyuan, a Chán (Zen) Buddhist master in China during the Tang Dynasty . All things come from the same source, so there is no difference between white and black/ right or wrong, which are themselves the same, by virtue of a common origin.

floating flower garden teamlab expo 2015