Oslo, Honolulu and New York revealed as highest-priced cities this summer

What are the prices travelers can expect to pay in popular U.S. and world cities? According to 3rd TripIndex Cities unveiled by TripAdvisor, one of the the world’s largest travel sites, Honolulu rings up the biggest tab as the most expensive U.S. destination.

TripAdvisor’s TripIndex Cities is based on the combined costs for two for a one night stay in a four-star hotel, cocktails, a two-course dinner paired with a bottle of wine, and round-trip taxi transportation (two miles each way). Costs reflect summer rates (June 1 – August 31, 2013).

Among TripIndex Cities, Honolulu is the most expensive U.S. destination with a TripIndex cost of $504.94, while Las Vegas offers the most affordable stay at $272.94. Oslo, Norway comes in as the costliest global city at $581.08, nearly four times the price of a night spent in Sofia, Bulgaria, the best bargain on the world list at $158.42.

Europe is home to the most expensive international cities with six of the top 10 destinations: Oslo, Norway (#1), Zurich,Switzerland (#2), Stockholm, Sweden (#3), Paris, France (#5), London, England (#7) and Copenhagen, Denmark (#8). Travelers committed to traveling to Europe can find affordable escapes with Sofia, Bulgaria; Warsaw, Poland and Budapest, Hungary all within the top five least expensive international cities, coming in respectively at first, third, and fifth.

  • Travelers can rest their heads for one night in a Honolulu hotel ($389.36) or stay three nights in a Las Vegas hotel for nearly the same price ($135.94, per night);
  • For the price of a round-trip taxi ride in London, England ($41.47) travelers can make a similar journey nearly 20 times in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ($2.13, each);


  • Two travelers can dine out twice in Taipei, Taiwan ($44.86, dinner for two) for the same price as two rounds of cocktails in Seoul, South Korea ($44.50, two cocktails).

Most expensive cities in U.S. this summer:

1 Honolulu, Hawaii $504.94 (Hotel+Return taxi trip+Dinner for two+Cocktails for two = total cost)
2 New York City, New York $504.25
3 Boston, Massachusetts $473.59
4 San Francisco, California $471.89
5 Chicago, Illinois $448.45
6 Los Angeles, California $447.61
7 Washington, D.C. $446.13
8 Seattle, Washington $415.04
9 Orlando, Florida $408.81
10 San Diego, California $399.45

Most expensive International cities:

1 Oslo, Norway $581.08 (Hotel+Return taxi trip+Dinner for two+Cocktails for two = total cost)
2 Zurich, Switzerland $523.41
3 Stockholm, Sweden $521.68
4 New York City, U.S. $515.97
5 Paris, France $511.40
6 Sydney, Australia $460.21
7 London, U.K. $451.35
8 Copenhagen, Denmark $443.58
9 Cancun, Mexico $441.06
10 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $435.66


Least Expensive International cities this summer:

1 Sofia, Bulgaria $158.42 (Hotel+Return taxi trip+Dinner for two+Cocktails for two = total cost)
2 Hanoi, Vietnam $176.14
3 Warsaw, Poland $$187.45
4 Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt $191.34
5 Budapest, Hungary $193.44
6 Bangkok, Thailand $201.15
7 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia $217.73
8 Tunis, Tunisia $218.91
9 Cape Town, South Africa $219.46
10 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia $220.14


TripIndex – Least Expensive U.S. Cities:
1 Las Vegas, Nevada $272.94
2 Miami, Florida $318.62
3 Dallas, Texas $328.55
4 Atlanta, Georgia $331.14
5 Portland, Oregon $347.67
6 New Orleans, Louisiana $348.66
7 Houston, Texas $355.23
8 Minneapolis, Minnesota $372.00
9 Denver, Colorado $390.11
10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $393.91.