How Eco-Fashion Brands are Revolutionizing Ocean Restoration

From Sea to Mangrove: OceanR and UOCEAN Unite for Sustainable Fashion and Coastal Restoration.


Sustainable apparel company, OceanR announces new mangrove carbon offsetting partnership with pioneering environmental non-profit UOCEAN.

OceanR, the eco-friendly apparel company known for its sustainable and stylish clothing for the yachting industry, has joined forces with UOCEAN, a global non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning up and protecting the world’s oceans. The partnership aims to take OceanR’s sustainability efforts to new heights and contribute to the restoration of marine ecosystems.

Based in Cork, Ireland, OceanR was founded by Tom Cotter, a passionate environmentalist and water sports enthusiast. The company has gained recognition for its customized, comfortable, and lightweight apparel, catering to superyachts, luxury resorts, and private clients worldwide. OceanR has established strong partnerships with renowned brands such as Richard Branson’s Necker Island, Ritz Carlton, and Four Seasons, amplifying their impact in promoting a sustainable future.

The collaboration between OceanR and UOCEAN was initiated during the Monaco Yacht Show in 2022, where OceanR showcased its eco-conscious high-end apparel. It was there that the two organizations discovered their shared commitment to environmental conservation and the fight against marine plastics.

UOCEAN is the brainchild of the UK-based charity, the Vayyu Foundation, led by Chris Desai. The organization’s ambitious UOCEAN 50 initiative aims to remove 1 billion kilograms of marine plastics by 2030. OceanR shares this goal and has already made significant strides in using recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic in their collections. The company has reclaimed 1.5 million plastic bottles to date and funds the removal of 1 kilogram of marine litter for every core garment purchased.

The partnership between OceanR and UOCEAN extends to carbon offsetting as well. Tom Cotter explains that their approach goes beyond mere talk of corporate social responsibility. They wanted a tangible way to track and witness the impact of their carbon offsetting efforts. By collaborating with UOCEAN 50, OceanR can ensure their contributions have a genuine global impact.

OceanR takes a comprehensive approach to carbon offsetting, considering not only their shipping and product emissions but also the carbon footprint of their staff in Ireland and their factory in Riga. To offset this carbon, Chris Desai and his team at UOCEAN plant between 200-400 mangroves each month in Indonesia. In total, OceanR has offset 2,700 kilograms of carbon emissions this quarter.

Aside from their shared background in fashion, OceanR and UOCEAN are united by their commitment to engage communities worldwide in conservation efforts. Both organizations are determined to combat marine plastics and climate change while promoting ocean health. UOCEAN’s approach emphasizes community involvement and the empowerment of individuals against plastic pollution in various environments, including rivers, canals, beaches, and coastlines.

The partnership between OceanR and UOCEAN holds great promise as they combine their resources and expertise to forge a circular economy and remove marine plastics from the environment. Chris Desai highlights UOCEAN’s exceptional growth over the past four years and their position as a dynamic and disruptive charity. With OceanR’s rapid progress in the industry, the collaboration comes at the perfect time to amplify their impact.

For Tom Cotter, the personal element of the partnership is particularly meaningful. OceanR had been searching for a carbon offsetting partner to support mangrove planting, and they have found complete trust in working with Chris and his team in Indonesia. The collaboration allows OceanR to establish a personal connection with the individuals planting the mangroves, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.