Next Generation Saietta set to spearhead a new era for riders

Ripping up the rulebook of electric motor technology.
A ‪#‎NEWBREED‬ of premium motorcycle.

Saietta R – 8th Generation Prototype
A true technological advancement demands a radically different approach to design. UK-based Saietta Group, a design, engineering and manufacturing company specialising in electric drivetrains across multiple product sectors, revealed a teaser image of a ground-breaking, high-performance electric motorbike “that’s set to spearhead a new era for riders.”

Code-named NGS (Next Generation Saietta), it will be the first in a family of bikes from the newly-named Saietta Group, following the recent merger of Agility Global and Agni Motors.

“Saietta intends to shake up vehicle sectors including cars, scooters, motorcycles and tuk tuks, with electric drivetrains that surpass what can be achieved with internal combustion engines. NGS demonstrates our core competence in design, engineering, integration and manufacture in this field,” says Lawrence Marazzi, Saietta Group Co-Founder.

Next Generation Saietta - Lawrence Marazzi - Saietta Group CEO and Co-Founder

Saietta R was our 8th and last generation of prototype. NGS takes us to a whole new level with technological step-changes across the bike delivering electrifying performance, unmatched range, extensive personalisation options and a highly distinctive, iconic presence. NGS is an exclusive, premium priced flagship for the Group, showcasing precisely what Agility and Agni are capable of as a newly merged entity.”

Arvind Rabadia, Saietta Group Co-Founder, adds: “We have a family of electric motors which are highly efficient, lightweight and compact, delivering class- leading power-to-weight ratios and levels of efficiency, making them ideal for vehicles. Our motors have powered over 80% of the winning electric racebikes globally, set electric powerboat world speed records and even powered the first manned electric helicopter!”

“After over a century of making small refinements to the internal combustion engine, vehicles are well overdue a step-change to a more efficient, cost effective and sustainable electric future,” added Arvind Rabadia.

Next Generation Saietta electricbyke Saietta R – 8th Generation Prototype