New Luxury is “Bringing back Style and Elegance”

“Create your own visual style…
Let it be unique for yourself
and yet identifiable for others” (Orson Welles)

Your own image is the only one counting!

Elegance and style should be part of every girl’s education. You are what you want to be but the way you look may attract some people you would never like to meet.

New Luxury is redefining elegance in a world which completely forget the meaning of the most important thoughts human can have in life: “who am I ?”, “where am I going?”, “what kind of person I would like to meet?”.

Following fashion without this knowledge could be leading to misunderstanding.

Humans have like animals; communication codes. Some codes inspire respect, others will project a wrong image and attract corresponding human beings.

Unfortunately teenagers are the most vulnerable and are not aware of this. They just follow fashion without any knowledge.

New Luxury is redefining elegance and style in bringing true value education and allowing each one to compose his or
her own image.

“Be you”, “Be yourself” and let your style communicate who you are!