My Private submarine

Invest in the submarine equivalent of luxury yachts
Dutch firm targets super-rich Arabs with $1m submarines

Buyers with extra cash to splash can even invest in the submarine equivalent of luxury yachts. Crafts can come with multiple rooms, luxury fittings and can remain submerged for days.

Dutch company U-Boat Worx is targeting wealthiest clients with its range of private submarines, with prices starting from €730,000 per vehicle.

The vessels can dive to a depth of up to 100m, with larger crafts able to seat up to three people under a transparent pressure hull. Dives can last for up to six hours.

UBW has seen so much interest in its submarines in UAE, it is scouting for a local partner to capitalise on the region’s potential, said sales and marketing manager Charlotte Schroots.

“We get [enquiries] from across the Middle East, including Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” she said. Clients include “private customers with super yachts or luxury hotel resorts.”

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