Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs


If you are looking to transform your cluttered old kitchen into a sleek room with an updated and modernized feel, a great place to start is with your kitchen cabinets. Surrounded by appliances, cabinets are of few parts of your kitchen design that are customizable to your personal style. If your design style is less traditional and more sleek, luxurious, and modern, you should prioritize your kitchen cabinetry in a remodel. Although this process can be costly or stressful, many companies such as Capitol Kitchen & Bath will work with you to design a high-quality set of cabinets that match your style and budget.

Here are 3 things to consider about modern kitchen cabinets as you prepare for your remodel.


Stray From Wood

While many traditional kitchen cabinets are made of wood, many modern kitchens feature cabinets made of opaque plastic or frosted glass. The latter is a great compromise for anyone wanting to keep certain items visibly on display (such as glassware or other decors) while maintaining a sleek look. If you’re going with opaque plastic, be sure to stick to a muted color like black or grey. Getting rid of wood cabinetry can make an immediate difference in the look and feel of your kitchen.

Keep It Sleek

If you currently have an older or more traditionally decorated kitchen, it is likely that your cabinet doors feature some kind of minor detailing or design. While this is appealing to those wanting a more vintage or conventional look, most modern kitchens feature designs that are lacking in details (this includes bulky knobs or handles). Most cabinetry also features a slightly curved or angular design, as opposed to more traditional flat designs.


Utilize Space

Many modern kitchens are free of items (or clutter) taking up counter space or sitting out in the open at all. It is important to choose a cabinet design that can hold all dishes, glassware, food, and anything else you’d like to keep handy. Design options like the aforementioned frosted glass can be used on all cabinets and drawers to keep items on display, while also keeping them in their designated place. This will free up countertop space, giving your kitchen a spaced, airy feel that is crucial for any modern design.

Modernized kitchens are a great option for anyone looking to minimize clutter and maximize space, and cabinetry design is a great place to start.