Mindfulness in the largest private garden in Amsterdam: Wellbeing is the new wellness


Headspace x Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam courtyard

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Courtyard Garden; photo: waldorf astoria amsterdam

In our busy lives, dominated by a permanent stream of stimuli, the possibility to escape for a moment is a luxury in itself. Research shows that people in higher income categories spend time, money and energy on their well-being and mindfulness.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is partnering with Headspace app, one of the world’s leading meditation apps, to provide guests with opportunities for meditation and mindfulness in a modern way. The elegant and stately hotel is now offering its guests access to the award-winning meditation company in one of the most serene surroundings, the beautiful private Tea House in the historic garden of the luxury hotel.

Courtyard Garden

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Courtyard Garden; photo: waldorf astoria amsterdam

Premier Wellbeing Experience

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam has developed three new luxury experiences.

‘The Dutch Dream’ shows the beautiful Dutch landscape from your private helicopter, which lands for a picnic on Texel Island.

‘Unpack the true story’ starts in a horse-drawn carriage to Chandlers Warehouse, where a private dinner is served in the authentic 17th century store formerly used for ship supplies and trading.

Mindfulness in the Garden’ is the exclusive complimentary Wellbeing Experience for Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond Members. Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam offers the exclusivity of these signature mindfulness sessions, which were developed in collaboration with Headspace.

Headspace app was founded in 2010 by Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson. Since the introduction of the app that takes you on the simplest way to a (daily) mindfulness experience, 20 million people in 190 countries listen to the calm and relaxed voice of Andy to come to himself. The app offers a variety of meditation sessions and mindfulness training.

Waldorf Astoria Summer Tea

Waldorf Astoria Summer Tea; photo: waldorf astoria amsterdam


Summer Afternoon Tea at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

The charming Peacock Alley with its cosy tables and comfortable lounge seating creates the perfect ambience for a sensational Summer Afternoon Tea. It features a carousel of delectable and delightful treats that look like ‘ice creams’ – the most delicious optical illusions you have ever seen.

Pâtissier Vipin Charly and Chef Tomas Bron demonstrate their outstanding culinary artistry through their elegant ‘ice cream’ creations for this Summer Afternoon Tea. They invite you for a whirl on a merry-go-round of whimsical taste sensations that are savory and sweet, refined and refreshing, light and elegant. What appear to be ice creams are actually cool delicacies that are not made of ice cream, but of a range of eclectic and unexpected ingredients. Real ice cream is used in the scrumptious welcome cocktail and the grand finale. Supreme rose tea is served with the summer treat.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam reflections

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Courtyard Garden; photo: waldorf astoria amsterdam