Miele Launches the New S6

Miele Launches the New S6: the Jewel of all Vacuum Cleaners

Miele is launching a new series of advanced vacuum cleaners: Miele S6 Series Canisters. The new Miele S6 comes with the quietest newly released Miele Vortex Motor and casing along with several options for floor tools to handle all flooring surfaces and offer maximum performance. The new Miele S6 Jasper will be the quietest in the Miele family and will make no compromises regarding power.

Miele S6 vacuum cleaner is even better than the previous excellent S2 vacuum. Equipped with a TurboBrush perfect for vacuuming cut pile carpeting and a rotating roller brush excellent at picking up thread hairs and fluff while protecting the floor, the S6 will not leave a job undone. The manufacturers assure us that with the S6 air penetrates deeper into the carpet due to the FiberTeq suction channel with particularly precise edge contours for maximum results. The Upholstery nozzle and crevice nozzle Vario clip will help you reach even the most difficult corners of your house easily.

The S6 is the most compact Powerteam vacuum cleaner until now. With a highly desirable design, Miele S6 is precious, robust and durable. S6 Red velvet is the world`s first vacuum to feature a genuine velvet covered surface with a high quality luxurious look and feel.

Having an attractive sleek body the S6 weighs less than 10 lbs and it is shorter and slimmer than the S2, plus it is more stable and balanced. There are so many new features, but we can`t forget to mention the 33 feet operating radius, the long highly tested resistant suction hose or the useful one touch automatic cable rewind.