Mexico City inaugurated Acuario Inbursa – a new center of conservation of endangered marine species

A new mega center for conservation of endangered marine species opens in Mexico City.

The severe deterioration of marine ecosystems and the desire to provide education about the importance of conserving our world’s ocean life led to opening of Acuario Inbursa in Mexico City. Acuario Inbursa includes an entire floor of specialized equipment that supports its marine life and filters 22 million liters of seawater brought from Veracruz daily. This process recreates the same conditions found in the creatures’ natural habitat.

Visitors can encounter over 5,000 marine specimens belonging to 230 different species through 48 exhibits that stretch over 3,500 square meters of 4 subterranean levels. Descending to the bottom of the sea without getting wet, visitors will make their way through oceanic corridors for an incredible underwater experience. The aquarium’s beaches and tidal pools provide the opportunity to discover intriguing species such as sharks, sea horses, turtles, crocodiles, piranhas, jellyfish, coral, barracuda and many more.

The conservation program for endangered marine species will educate visitors about reproductive programs and proper handling of sea life, such as coral, seahorses and jellyfish. The Conservation Center (CECONSE) at Acuario Inbursa comprises a group of specialists who analyze water samples, prepare the diets for each and every specimen, nurse the quarantines and supervise reproduction phases.

Acuario Inbursa is also dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs, given that 60% of the world’s reefs are endangered and they may cease to exist entirely if nothing is done to protect them within the next 30 years.

Currently, the institution is in the process of establishing collaborative agreement with WWF (World Wildlife Fund).