Ferrari Limitate Footwear Collection

PUMA Introduced the Ferrari Limitate Footwear Collection.

The sophistication of Ferrari was merged once again with Puma’s youthful design style in the new Ferrari Limitate Footwear  Collection, a premium lifestyle sneakers collection limited to only 499 pairs of four styles.

The high end lifestyle footwear collection is inspired by Ferrari’s limited edition sports models, which like these shoes only have limited cars produced. Every detail of the shoe is carefully produced with the care of Italian craftsmanship, down to the embossed Ferrari Prancing Horse featured on the Limitate which is embossed in the same factory as the Ferrari leather car seats.

The Limitate collection features a mid and low style made from premium leather, each available in black and vaporous grey. The design of the Limitate shoe is simple, modern and sophisticated with subtle Ferrari branding details that give a nod to its muse. The clean silhouette and modern style of the Limitate will make this footwear collection a timeless classic. Each pair of Limitate shoes is individually numbered and presented in a special presentation box and shoe bag, designed especially for this limited edition collection.

Puma has eight partnered teams heading to Brasil this summer. The National Kits for 2014 FIFA World Cup of Italy, Switzerland, Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Chile and Uruguay are made by Puma. All National Team shirts feature a new football apparel innovation PWR ACTV, a first-to-market use of both athletic taping and compression within the apparel. The ACTV tape is strategically placed within the garment to provide micro-massages on the skin, working with the human body to help maximise performance and provide players with a faster, more effective energy supply to the active muscles. This combined with the underarm mesh inserts for increased breathability and freedom of movement, will help teams to have a competitive advantage at this year’s World Cup.