Common Misconception about cars that will blow your mind


No we are not going to talk about how you really do not need to heat up your car before running it. By now all of you already know that you no longer need to run the engine for five to ten minutes before moving the car. Regardless there is a wealth of knowledge on such issues on the Internet. We are going to discuss weird common misconception about cars. That stuff that makes for excellent pub talks while being factual enough to display your undeniable sophistication.

This misconception concerns the animal that should be called the king of the jungle. More Elephants die from car crushes than from being predated in the wild. Elephants are the largest land based animals. Whether in the jungles of India on the plains of Africa they are no one’s prey. That is excluding the case of the old Bull.


Sounds a bit far-fetched right? That’s what we also thought until the facts started being presented. There are well over 2,700 domestic elephants in Thailand alone. This figure is a small fraction to the multitudes that are working in India. Every time one of these animals has an incident with a vehicle, especially one with human fatalities, the animal dies. The Elephant is killed even if the deceased was in the wrong.

There are some special incidents where elephants have actually been crushed to death by trucks and even buses. There was a bizarre incident in Noida a speeding truck reportedly killed a female elephant. The very same truck also seriously injured another elephant in the same incident. It is highly likely that the elephant will be put down due to the injuries. The only thing that can be cooler than knowing that cars kill more elephants than lions is winning a real money online casino jackpot at casinos while playing at Maple online slots portfolio. Better hope none of your friends have won that jackpot.