Maje and Harrods capsule collection

An eclectic wardrobe mirroring the image of its creator’s passion and effervescence.

Maje‘s Founder Judith Milgrom prefers to think that a garment has a soul and that it can tell a story. The history of Maje captures this delicate philosophy. Judith created the name “Maje” as a combination of the initials of the names of her loved ones. Judith is a heroine, a woman of action and ambition, but above all, a designer who knows that behind each of her creations lies a woman.

Maje is the ultra-chic Parisian label loved for its blend of the classic and the original. With a focus on glamorous and sharp details and with a feminine spirit, the house has acclaimed a loyal following from A-listers including Jessica Alba and Emma Stone.


This June, Maje unveiled a capsule collection designed exclusively for Harrods luxury department store. Imagined in shades of blue, the collection is characterised by sleek silhouettes, super-luxe fabrics, refined details and sparkling Swarovski embellishments.

Comprising of three dresses and a hooded fur coat, each piece takes a name inspired by generations of international jet-set girls. Choose between Noor, the light blue chiffon dress; Camilla, the midnight blue velvet bustier dress; Jerry, the midnight blue one shoulder gown; and Bianca, the midnight blue hooded fur jacket.

The capsule collection is available exclusively at Harrods’ Fashion Lab.

Maje’s past collaborations projects include partnershipss with KWAY, MAJED BY ALEXA CHUNG, MAJE & ELLE EN SCÈNE, MÉCÉNAT CHIRURGIE CARDIAQUE, LES PUTAFRANGES, and VANESSA TRAINA.