Louis Vuitton Sofas – a fun exploration of luxury furniture

Louis Vuitton Sofas by Jason Phillips – In traditional and color versions

To have a more extensive range of offers, luxury brands do not hesitate to engage in creating high-end furniture. Versace, Armani and Hermes are just some examples.

Until recently, Louis Vuitton seemed to resist the temptation to extend to a furniture range. Recently,Louis Vuitton has commissioned to use its famous monogram to the young designer Jason Phillips. 

Jason Phillips presented a series of Louis Vuitton’s chic sofas, available in two textiles versions. The playful natures will choose the colored monograms. For the traditionalists there is a brown coloured sofa.

Jason Phillips Design is a full-service design firm specializing in home furnishings but also proficient in branding, consulting, 2D/3D Design, and Web Development. Jason Phillips Design was established in 2007 and exhibits furniture and sculpture that is both conceptual and in production.

Born in 1983, Jason Phillips is a 28 year old designer living and breathing furniture design in North Carolina. He is VP/ Creative Director for The Phillips Collection; a well-known wholesaler of high end home furnishings. In 2007 he founded Jason Phillips Design, a brand that serves as a conduit for his out of the box design concepts and freelance work. 

Over the years Jason has received many industry accolades, won numerous competitions, and sits on half a dozen boards in the industry. Most recently he became the youngest ever recipient of the prized Pinnacle Award, given by the American Society of Furniture Designers, for his River Stone Planters. The ASFD has also just elected Jason as the youngest ever member of their Board of Directors. Expect great things from this young talent in the years to come.