Lotus Showroom in Romania, the sport car addressed to the connoisseurs

“A new era” – Lotus Showroom in Romania – the car addressed to the connoisseurs

Many of us were children or teenagers when the pilot Nigel Mansell won the Formula 1 world title. Because his name is part of Lotus history, Forza Rossa (leader on the Romanian market for luxury and sports cars) invited Mansell at the official opening of Lotus representative in Romania, Central and Eastern Europe. 

Along with Ion Bazac, president of Forza Rossa, and Nigel Mansell, the inauguration ceremony was also attended by Martin Donnelly, former F1 driver, and Guillaume Chabin, global sales director at Lotus Cars.

After a foray into the history, successes and expansion plans of the Lotus car brand, Elise, Evora, Exige, the Lotus Renault Formula 1 2011 and the old James Bond’s Elise of the ’80s have been disclosed to the public of the newly inaugurated showroom in northern part of Bucharest, Romania. 

“The most cheap of the expensive cars” has a fabulous sporting career and a great reputation for technical innovation and invention. For nearly two years, Lotus entered a new era of development. At the Paris Motor Show in October 2010, Lotus introduced five new models, a unique statement in the history of the automotive industry: Lotus Esprit (2013) Lotus Elise (2015), Lotus Elite, Lotus Eternal (2013) and Lotus Elan (2013).

Aware of the importance and Eastern Europe market potential for Lotus, Forza Rossa became the sole representative of Lotus cars on the territory of Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Moldova. Moreover, according to Ion Bazac statements, by the end of 2011 Forza Rossa will open a showroom in Moldova, and in mid-2012 will be opened the sales points in Belgrade and Montenegro.