Linford Junior F1 Fun Kart JFK1 Is Turning Heads

Linford Motorsport’s latest product is no ordinary kart.
“Karting is the best way for you to get a feel of how to race each other, dealing with the competition, dealing with winning, dealing with losing, and you soak up so much at a young age and learn very fast.” MARK WEBBER – PROFESSIONAL F1 DRIVER

It’s a kart designed to replicate almost exactly the experience of driving an F1 racing car, giving the driver the control, precision – and, above all, the sheer thrill – of high-octane motorsport. It’s quite simply the most exciting development in karting for years.

Aimed at kids from 6-12 years old, the Linford Junior F1 Fun Kart (JFK1) is the perfect way to give a child a realistic F1 experience, safely and confidently – but without losing any of the high-intensity excitement of the racing environment. Plus, it’s a great way of building a young driver’s road awareness and driving skills.

Hand-made, limited edition, the result of 30 years of experience in kart design and manufacture, the JFK1 is constructed using state-of-the art processes and materials. What’s more, every kart is completely hand-built, to ensure the very highest levels of build quality, performance and safety.

And, to guarantee that you’re buying a product which kids will love owning, as well as driving, the manufacturer limited the run to 250 units.

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