Kering luxury group x James Beard Foundation support women-owned restaurants


James Beard Foundation A place at the table book; Food stylist: Judy Kim. Prop stylist: Maeve Sheridan. Photographer: Linda Xiao.

Kering Americas and The James Beard Foundation Support Gender Equity In The Culinary Industry.

Kering Americas is pleased to announce a donation to the James Beard Foundation to support women-owned
restaurants that have been impacted by the pandemic. The initiative was launched during the International Women’s

Restaurants owned by women are being disproportionately impacted by the economic realities of the pandemic, according to a National Bureau of Economic Research report. Permanent closure rates have been rising since September 2020 and a nationwide survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association in December 2020 found that 17 percent of restaurants (approximately 110,000 establishments) closed due to the pandemic in the United States. An unprecedented 25 percent drop in the number of women business owners (measured from February to April of 2020) could hurt gender equality in the business world and beyond, the National Bureau of Economic Research reports.

Indeed, even prior to the pandemic, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics study in 2020, only 22
percent of head chefs in the country are female.

“We have all witnessed the severe impact of the pandemic on our restaurant culture. These businesses contribute to the heart and soul of our cities and communities, and now more than ever need our support. The fashion and food industry have a symbiotic connection and strengthen each other to foster inspiration and creativity. We are proud to support the James Beard Foundation, an organization that empowers female culinary talent and champions gender equity,” said Laurent Claquin, President of Kering Americas.

To support these businesses that, for many, are essential to communities across the United States, Kering’s donation will fund the James Beard Foundation’s Open for Good campaign, which not only provides economic relief to
restaurant-owners in need but seeks to create a more equitable and sustainable industry post-pandemic.

“The James Beard Foundation is grateful for Kering Americas’ generous donation to our Open for Good campaign,” said Clare Reichenbach, CEO of the James Beard Foundation. “With their support, the Foundation continues to provide critical resources to help independent restaurants survive this crisis, build the capacity to return stronger, and thrive for the long term.”

@James Beard Foundation A place at the table book; Food stylist: Judy Kim. Prop stylist: Maeve Sheridan. Photographer: Linda Xiao

A place at the table book

A Place at the Table, in collaboration with Audi, honors the talents of women in the U.S. restaurant industry and
features 20 recipes from the alums of James Beard Foundation’s WEL Program, including Katie Button, Tracy
Chang, Daniella Senior, and more. The cookbook also houses a directory of over 70 women-led, -owned, and –
operated establishments across the United States including bars, catering companies, restaurants, and more.
Support these amazing women by downloading the cookbook and spreading the word.

“At the James Beard Foundation, we strive to recognize, uplift, and celebrate the innumerable contributions of
women in the culinary field. Through our programs including our Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program
presented by Audi USA, we hope to influence a better, more equitable food, restaurant, and hospitality field where
women are encouraged to grow and thrive at the helm. Because when women lead, we all win.” – James Beard