Jürgensen Dynasty descends at Baselworld 2016

At Baselworld 2016, Urban Jürgensen launched three new models inspired by the greatest technological achievements of the Jürgensen Dynasty.

Urban Jürgensen 2016

In the Jürgensen 1745 Collection, Urban Jürgensen is introducing a new model, Reference 1741 in Platinum with Perpetual calendar, leap year indicator and moon phases. The Reference 1741 dial is handmade using Grenage dial making and fitted with the Urban Jürgensen white gold Arabic numerals appliques. The creation of the moon disk involves more than 20 different operations and the result is a unique, tiny wonder of classic workmanship that is rarely found in timepieces nowadays.


Urban Jürgensen also presented the new Jules Collection with two new models, Reference 2240 and 2340. Both models share new tapered lugs in a classic design on a convex and concave curved case with a diameter of 40 mm. The dials of these two models share the dial finishing technology of the 1741, the handcrafted, delicate and time-consuming Grenage. Reference 2240 comes in rose gold with black engraved Arabic numerals, central seconds and date. Reference 2340 comes in white gold, with small seconds, power reserve, date and moon phase indicator.

Urban Jürgensen 2016-the Julies collection Reference 2340 Dial

Urban Jürgensen‘s story started in 1745 with the birth in Copenhagen of Jürgen Jürgensen, founder of the watchmaking dynasty that still bears his name. Jürgen’s son, Urban Jürgensen (1776 – 1830), quickly followed in his father’s footsteps. After completing his apprenticeship at such extraordinary watchmakers as Breguet in Paris and Arnold in England, Urban steered the Jürgensen brand to new heights. Urban’s two sons, Jules-Frederik and Louis Urban, then continued the family tradition. Jules studied in Switzerland and moved to Le Locle, while his brother Louis remained in charge of the factory in Copenhagen, giving the company roots in both countries that have been maintained ever since. The innovation and excellence of Jürgensen’s output exerted a tremendous influence on the watchmaking industry of Le Locle and, indeed, the entire Canton of Neuchatel, introducing the latest techniques from around the world. Of course, none of this happened by accident; rather, it has been the product of centuries of commitment and dedication to the arts.

urban-jurgensen watches-- urban-jurgensen watches-  Urban Jürgensen 2016-The Jules collection Reference 2240 full watch Urban Jürgensen 2016 -The Jules collection Reference 2340 full watch