Jil Sander, Stefano Pilati and Telfar – Special Guests at Pitti Immagine Uomo no. 97


The Special Guests at Pitti Immagine Uomo no. 97 (Florence, 7-10 January 2019), the most important International event for menswear 

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Jil Sander at Pitti Immagine Uomo 2020, the seismograph of the global menswear trends of the fashion market

Lucie and Luke Meier – co-creative directors of Jil Sander since spring 2017 – presented the new menswear collection of the iconic fashion house at Pitti Immagine Uomo’s special event in Florence.

“We have been following with great interest the work of Lucie and Luke Meier at Jil Sander,” says Lapo Cianchi, Pitti Immagine director of communications and events.

“A very precise vision of fashion, where there is clearly a constant search for equilibrium between the respect for minimalist codes – which made the history of the brand – and the desire to incite emotion, combined with great attention to details. When they talk about their collections, it is as if they were describing a character, a complex and multifaceted individual. The desire to create clothes that last over time, is an approach that we find to be absolutely fresh and contemporary, to which the special event in Florence should be able to give a further contribution in terms of freedom of expression”.

“For us, showing in Florence is both an honor and a completion”, said Lucie and Luke Meier, co-creative directors of Jil Sander. “We first met in Florence, and never imagined that we would be back here together showing at Pitti Uomo. This opportunity is a truly special one, and we look forward to contributing to the legacy of this city and Pitti Uomo”.

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Stefano Pilati, The Pitti Uomo 97 – Pitti Special Guest

Stefano Pilati was the Pitti Uomo 97 Special Guest with his independent label “Random Identities.” With over three decades of experience in the world of international fashion, Pilati is considered to be one of the most influential designers of his generation. The presentation of the FW 2020/2021 collection during the Pitti Immagine fair offered the opportunity to grasp the essence of his new project.

Random Identities, the first independent venture by Stefano Pilati, will be Special Guest of Pitti Uomo 97 (7-10 January 2020). The collection which was unveiled for the first time by the designer in 2017, will be the protagonist of a special event in Florence on Thursday, January 9th.

“It is first of all an enormous pleasure to present the new project of Stefano Pilati, Random Identities, in a premiere showing at Pitti Uomo in January – said Lapo Cianchi, Director of Communications and Events at Pitti Immagine – and the natural, expected, outcome of a relationship of mutual esteem and friendship. Going beyond the original contribution that he has been offering the public for some time now on concepts of genre and identity, while overcoming the boundaries of the strictly clothing-related reality, Random Identities arises – or at least seems to arise – from an inner impulse of Pilati to express himself through fashion, an obsession to dress that is the result of decades of integrity, work and continuous learning”.

“Today his creative urgency has surfaced with even greater freedom of expression – continues Cianchi – and he feels the need to directly interact with those who wear his clothes, also through social media. It did not take much more to convince us to start immediately working together…

random identities; @pittimmagine.com/

TELFAR: Special Project of Pitti Immagine Uomo 97

The revolutionary unisex brand TELFAR was the Special Project of Pitti Uomo no. 97 (Florence, 7-10 January 2020).

Telfar Clemens – who founded the brand in 2005 in New York – brought his concept of fluid and ‘simplex’ (simple + complex) fashion to Florence with a special event at Palazzo Corsini.

“Telfar Clemens is one of the most interesting figures on the contemporary scene – says Lapo Cianchi, Director of Communication & Special Events at Pitti Immagine – For fifteen years, he has been promoting with tenacity an idea of inclusive and accessible fashion and business, with a project in which there is an unexpected blending of aesthetics, art, gender identity and functionality. We are happy to offer him the opportunity to present himself to the Pitti Uomo community, and I am sure that the event in Florence will provide further meaning to a message that is already strong and vibrant”.

“We are honored to be invited to show at Pitti Uomo – says the founder Telfar Clemens – where the deep sense of history and continuity sets the scene perfectly for something entirely new”.

Jil Sander for 2020 Pitti Uomo; Credits to: Astra Marina Cabras

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