Innovative cosmetic ingredients shortlisted for In-cosmetics award

In-cosmetics shortlists innovative ingredients of the future

Ten of the most innovative ingredients that could influence the future formulation of cosmetics products have been shortlisted for the in-cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award. Judged by industry experts, the top ingredients include anti-ageing actives to protect the skin against UVA damage, alongside new extracts to help preserve hair cells.

The Best Ingredient Award recognises the development of a novel active or functional ingredient that combines innovative science and product features that benefit manufacturers and end-users when compared with existing ingredients.

All the finalists will feature in the Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics in Barcelona from the 17-19 April 2012, along with more than 55 other cosmetic ingredients from leading manufacturers.

Top ingredients include new extracts to help preserve hair cells and a newly developed sebum- controlling lotion for pimples, while in the field of UVA protection, an ingredient comprising Butterfly Bush stem cells has been shortlisted.

It’s anti-aging innovations that dominate the nominees though, with over half of the nominee ingredients aimed at keeping skin youthful.

Among them are Gatuline Radiance, which claims to act on skin microcirculation to improve skin nutrition, Hyanify, intended to help combat dehydration and wrinkles, and DermCom, said to boost collagen production.

The finalists are:

Ashland Speciality Ingredients with the new Vincience™ BiotHAIRapy™ biofunctional designed to help hair combat the effects of oxidative stress, resulting in healthier, fuller, younger looking hair. The ingredient name will be revealed exclusively at in-cosmetics.

GATTEFOSSE with Gatuline Radiance, a new powerful anti-ageing active ingredient which acts on skin microcirculation, improving skin nutrition and giving more luminosity and vitality.

Ichimaru Pharcos with Ougon Liquid B, which has a high inhibitory activity of CYP1B1 induction by tobacco extract. This can be used to block environmental stress factors including UV.

IRB with Buddleja davidii stems G, which contains 20% Butterfly Bush stem cells and minimum 0,2% of Verbascoside, a potent secondary metabolite able to protect the skin against UVA damage.

LIPOTEC with Hyanify, an exopolysaccharide, obtained through biotechnological processes from a marine bacterial strain that fights against dehydration and wrinkles.

Mibelle Biochemistry with DermCom, which stimulates the communication between epidermal and dermal cells to help boost collagen and elastin production that renews the skin’s resilience and firmness.

NeoPharm with ATOPALM SEBUM CONTROLLING LOTION, containing ADfence-P, a newly developed PAR-2 inhibitor, that can reduce the sebum formation and inflammatory responses in skin.

Rahn AG with LIFTONIN-XPRESS, a skin-tightening active that contains a lyophilisate made from the Microalga Porphyridium cruentum with Phycocolloids embedded in a film matrix made from natural polymers.

Unipex Innovations – Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with Progeline, a three amino-acids peptide biomimetic of a Elafin, an elastase inhibitor produced by keratinocyte which helps to fight the ageing process. Plus ADIPOFILL, a new anti-ageing ingredient derived for vegetable glucose obtained by biotechnology.

A full-scale innovation platform has been designed to help industry players evaluate the latest developments and anticipate future trends. It will include a programme with a dedicated Scientific Seminar on sun protection and panel discussions on consumer education and nanoparticles. A special man-made beach area, designed to trigger new ideas whilst providing an original setting for networking opportunities, will form the centre piece of in-focus this year.

A beachside photo gallery will illustrate the evolution of sun care advertising over the last sixty years. Also present will be a skin clinic, highlighting the damage that exposure to the sun can cause, as well as an interactive video on nano technologies and exclusive insight into how to innovate using social networks. A dedicated ‘solar trail’ will clearly highlight the exhibitors with solar beauty projects on their stands, as visitors make their way around the show.

Other highlights at in-cosmetics Barcelona include the hugely popular Innovation Zone, which presents some of the latest ingredients launched by exhibitors and the most innovative beauty products selected by Mintel Beauty & Personal Care.

Highlights of the Marketing Trends programme include Nicola Matic, Project Leader at Kline & Company, who will lead a session entitled ‘Opportunities in Skincare: Exploring Speciality Actives’, focusing on new trends in the market.

Later that day, Will King, Founder and CEO of The King of Shaves brand, will speak about maximising opportunities for companies in ‘Men’s Toiletries – the slumbering giant – how to awaken it?’ Nica Lewis, a global skincare analyst with Mintel, will take a close look at ‘Solar Logic: Innovation and Insight in Sun Protection’, concentrating on the hottest trends in Sun Protection.

Ewa Hudson, Head of Health and Wellness at Euromonitor International will also chair a discussion on ‘Finding the sweet spots of Nutricosmetics’, which will highlight the increased popularity of less conventional beauty solutions and potential developments in this area.