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Maybe you’re in charge of planning a bachelorette weekend or an anniversary trip and you’re not sure where to start. Your number one goal for the weekend is to make sure everybody has a good time. Well, one universally-beloved trip and activity is doing a wine tasting weekend. How can anyone complain when you’re enjoying the sunshine and sipping your way through reds, whites, and rosés like there’s no tomorrow? The key to planning a great wine tasting weekend is coming up with a solid itinerary and travel plan.

Keep reading for our tips so your wine tasting trip will be smooth sailing from beginning to end!

Pick the right venue

This is one of the most important steps, the right venue could mean a lot of things. There are urban wineries, boutique wineries, and huge, corporate wineries. Each offer their own benefits – so you’ll have to make a decision as to which one is right for you and your friends.

Special Occasion Winery Outfits

Special Occasion Winery Outfits;

Bring cute outfits

When you visit a vineyard, it’s the right place to bring out that sundress you love but you never get to wear. Wine tasting outfits don’t have to be super dressy but a little polish goes a long way. We love the idea of wearing a long maxi dress, comfortable flats, and a cute sun hat to top it all off. Or, you could go for a funkier look and wear a jumpsuit – this is still a fancier option than leggings and a t-shirt but more unique than a typical sundress.

Bring sun protection

It’s likely that you and your friends will be outside for a good portion of the day when you’re busy touring the vineyards and enjoying the sun. Make sure everyone is loaded up on sunscreen and has a hat so you don’t end up looking like a Merlot at the end of the day. And if you end up getting a little more sun than you like, make sure to stick to the shade and rub some fresh aloe or a healing aloe cream on your burned skin for a few days after.

Plan your transportation out

Do you plan on having a shuttle pick you up so you can tour multiple vineyards? If so, try to book that shuttle at least 6 months in advance so you’re not battling it out with everyone else who also thought it was a great idea to plan out a wine tasting weekend during the spring.

You can also simply organize an Uber ride for everyone or even book a limo if you’re really trying to impress. Whatever you decide, it’s absolutely crucial that everybody has a safe ride to and from the venue. The other option, of course, is to have a sober driver who can responsibly and safely transport everyone.

Cescon Italo Storia & Vini-

Cescon Italo Storia & Vini;

Bring food or plan to eat after the tasting

You’ll want to find out far in advance if the vineyard you’re visiting has food or not. If the vineyard does have food, make sure it’s hearty enough so your friends don’t get too boozed up. While we love a good charcuterie tray, that may not be enough food to sustain everybody.

If the vineyard doesn’t have food, you have two options: one is to find out the vineyard’s policy on outside food and bring your own if it’s allowed and the other choice is to eat before and after. Make sure everyone has eaten food before you start imbibing.

Stay nearby and book far in advance

If you can make your wine tasting weekend an overnight trip, that’s an added bonus your friends will appreciate. Choose a unique location like the Madonna Inn which is near tons of vineyards in San Luis Obispo or choose a unique Airbnb in Bodega Bay that’s close to Sonoma County. Again, you’ll want to plan out your accommodations far out in advance.

Your perfect wine tasting weekend

With these awesome tips, you’ll be on your way to planning an incredible wine tasting weekend. Whether it’s for a special occasion or you’re taking out your partner for an impromptu trip, wine tasting is one of the best ways to kick back and relax – and maybe even learn a thing or two.

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