How to Pair Your Luxury Jewellery with Your Outfit



When you are dressing to impress, it’s the finishing touches that really make the outfit. Luxury jewellery and carefully chosen accessories have the ability to take an outfit from everyday to extraordinary, adding the perfect details to complete a look in style.

How to Pair Your Luxury Jewellery with Your Outfit 2

No matter whether you are dressing to impress for an evening out or simply planning an outfit to wow in the office, it’s important to ensure that every last part of your look is on point. After all, your appearance can speak volumes about you as a person, so it’s essential that you make the right impression and paint yourself in the best possible light.

Luxury jewellery is the perfect accessory, providing an elegant, sophisticated touch of class to any outfit. Whether you prefer subtle, understated luxury or would rather make your jewellery the centrepiece of your outfit, jewellery is the ultimate accessory.We have put together some top tips to help you pair your luxury jewellery to your outfit, guaranteed to turn heads and catch the eyes of passers-by.

Contrasting or Complementary Colours

Depending on the occasion and your personal preferences, you have a choice to make when it comes to colours. Contrasting colours can make a bold but vibrant choice, catching the eye as soon as you walk into a room. Conversely, complementary colours make for a subtler, more sophisticated look, reminiscent of timeless elegance and a certain level of class.

Additionally, as a general rule, warm-coloured jewellery, like gold-toned accessories, tends to look its best when paired with cool colours or bold, dark shades. In particular, gold cufflinks symbolise luxury in the UK and across the world, instantly adding an extra degree of charm to a formal outfit. On the flip side, jewellery in cooler tones can look equally effective with pastel shades or darker colours like black, navy, burgundy or royal blue. The pairing of white and silver will also make for a subtle yet classy outfit choice.

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Statement Jewellery or Subtle Accessories

Again, this will largely be dependent on the occasion you are dressing for, but you should never be afraid to let your jewellery do the talking. Statement jewellery can make a run-of-the-mill outfit really pop, turning heads and dazzling when you enter a room. However, if you are planning to dress in bright or patterned clothes, subtle jewellery can add the perfect finishing touch to complete the look.

Subtle accessories like simple cufflinks or an understated watch will add to the outfit without detracting from the appeal that the rest of the look brings, particularly if you can tie it into the pattern of your clothing. Alternatively, if you will be opting for relatively plain or simple attire, this is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine through your jewellery choices. Bold statement jewellery can be daring yet incredibly effective – think themed cufflinks, bright tie clips, or even multiple stacked bracelets in different colours and styles.

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Too Much or Not Enough?

How do you know when you’ve picked out just the right amount of jewellery or accessories to complete your look? Too little, and you could risk being overlooked and fading into the background. Too much, and you could end up coming across as ostentatious or overly flashy.

Striking the perfect balance between too much and too little can be tricky to master, but there’s a real art to it that will ensure every single look you put together is effective. If you are wearing bright or bold jewellery, try to limit the amount you wear at once to avoid creating an overpowering appearance. Similarly, you will need to tailor your choices to the occasion to ensure that you remain acceptable and tasteful in your stylistic choices.

Above all else, style should be fun and personal. Individualistic fashion choices provide a great way to showcase your personality and your own unique sense of style.

When paired with carefully chosen contrasting or complementary outfit choices, luxury jewellery and accessories can really pull an outfit together or provide the perfect finishing touch to your look. Simply follow the above tips and start planning your next look to turn heads for all the right reasons.

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