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Sport represents big business across the globe, especially when you consider the current trend for audiences gambling in real-time and accessing in-play markets. A staggering 86.4% of boxing fans regularly wager whilst watching their favourite sport, for example, with this number rising to 97.4% for horse racing enthusiasts.

Whether you want a place to research online casino reviews by Gambler Saloon or simply watch the latest sports broadcast as it unfolds, you may want to consider creating the ultimate sports hangout.

But how exactly should you go about this? Here are some ideas to keep in mind as a sports fan!

Get the Colours Right

Before you plan your layout or begin to invest in furniture, you may want to consider introducing some colour. A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference here, whilst it also creates an opportunity to reinvent the space and ensure that it’s fit for purpose.

You could decide to transform an existing room into a mecca for your favourite sports side, for example, as you adopt the team’s colours and create a vibrant shrine to your support.

You could also choose colours based on psychological reasoning, with reds, oranges and yellows known to solicit feelings of energy, excitement and urgency.

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Now for the Entertainment Centre

Now we come to what’s arguably the most important part of your hangout, is this is the space in which you’ll gather with friends, watch the latest action and wager in real-time.

A large, flat-screen TV should serve as the focal point of this space, whilst we’d also recommend installing a surround sound system to enhance the audio experience.

This should ultimately create a fun and immersive experience for you and your guests, helping them to really get into the game and make the most of matchday.

Gaming Coffee Table


Furniture and Snacks – Making your Sports Hangout Fun

It’s also important to ensure that you enrich the experience in other ways too, as no sport gathering is complete without functional fixtures and fittings and access to a wide array of snacks.

In terms of the former, we’d initially opt for a high-quality leisure sofa, as this will prove durable and make it easy to clean up spills before they leave a stain. A cup holder can also prove a Godsend for the same reason, whilst you may want to invest in additional, standalone seats that provided additional seating.

As for snacks, you need to invest in solid coffee table, rather than a glass alternative that would be more likely to break. You’ll also need to ensure that you have enough bowls, plastic and utensils to meet demand, so that snacks can be shared freely during a live sports broadcast.


Just remember to avoid using anything made out of glass or ceramic, as this may pose a potential hazard if it’s dropped or broken. This is more than likely too, particularly if your favourite team scores a last-gasp winner that also earns you a hefty payout through your betting app!

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