How to Create Healthy Relationships


We all need relationships. We need the special partner in our life to make it complete. It is a quite natural need of our inner world. How to create strong relationships for a long time? Before, you had your own unique experience in relationship. Is it enough to make the same mistakes? Did you sum up about what happened for real? Why your relationships failed and your beloved left you feeling drained? Of course, you were devastated, sad and depressed. You knew about conflicts with your family and your friends’ families. Knowing all ins and outs, it is much easier to build brand new relations that will last. If you are looking for your mate, you should realize who you are looking for.

Being alone is not healthy. Loneliness for a long time may have an effect on your psychological condition. It is a kind of disease hardly curable. When we have low self-esteem, we are looking for love and initiative from others. We may strive hard, overstress ourselves, take too much responsibility on ourselves or allow someone to take advantage of us. If you feel irritable, depressed or simply unhappy, it is a sign that it’s time to change something in the existing relations in order to straighten them. If we have too big expectations, the result of that would be disappointment very soon, which leads to the break-up. Being realistic, positive and self- confident, you may create boundaries that would answer your needs as well as the needs of your beloved mate. Reasonable selfishness is useful for all of us. Healthy egoism can build strong and healthy relations. It is important to be sincere with yourself, evaluate situation correctly and have real expectations. There is nothing to prove and nothing to hide with your mate.


These are some basic rules that can you lead in the right direction:

– Healthy relationships need to be worked on. They can’t appear suddenly from nowhere. The mates must talk a lot, share with their thoughts, dreams and problems. Mutual concessions and desire to understand the partner are making firm ties.

– If you want to change something, start with yourself. Trying to change your soulmate is good way for conflict and final break up. If you really in love and the acts, words or behavior of your mate are not good and inadmissible for you, say and talk about it, so that your partner knows what you want and what you need.

–  Man and woman are very different. These differences usually make your common lives more interesting, fun and versatile. It’s easy to imagine things more sophisticated than they are. Mutual respect of each other in some way every day. Showing respect and feeling respected unite the couple much more than mutual desire. From morning till the night you have the opportunity to make the life much better. Sometimes, it is high time to reset and widen boundaries. Setting healthy boundaries is the foundation for having positive, fulfilling and long-lasting relationships.

– No anger. It is a feeling to forget once and forever. It kills relationship, because it isolates you from your partner and can’t allow you to see the reality. If you think your mate was wrong, take the pause to calm down and then kindly discuss the situation.


– When something bad happens, try to understand what are the reasons of problems and what is going on inside of you rather than get angry with your partner. We our own fairs and former pains. We can’t be always cheerful and have good mood all the time. Actually, we are usually upset because of reasons not related to our partner. Take responsibility for your happiness. Only you can make yourself really happy. It’s something you have to do yourself.

–  Watch good movies about relationship and read good books. Discuss them after, this process will strengthen your connection. Become and stay best friends, ever thou it doesn’t sound romantic. Explore the interests of your partner and build the relations on the ground you have in common.

– Try to give more, to make more for your beloved. Our needs change with time. If you want to be understood, try to be more understanding. If you want to feel more love, try to give more love. It is a simple program that really works.

Without any doubt, these advices will make your relationships stronger and healthier. Developing a healthy relationship from the start reflect your willingness to make it work. Having a positive, healthy relationship ( especially with Ukrainian girls!) can increase your self-worth and make it perfect.