How cool is your pooch?

Custom helmets for your dog

Your pampered pooch enjoys wearing headgear in while riding in their cool motorcycle pet carrier? Now pet owners can even create their own designs. Rockstar Puppy, a pet boutique specializing in luxury pet products, lets the pet owners create a custom dog helmet. The exclusive designs include skulls, airbrushed lightning bolts, airbrushed scenes from a favorite movie or purple “Glitter Flames” style.

“The new helmets are not only fashionable, they also provide protection for your pets when they’re on the go,” says Jessica Clark, owner of Rockstar Puppy, adding that it will benefit pets needing extra head protection due to seizures or other complicated medical problems.

Prices for the safe yet fashionable helmets start as low as $65 for a dog spiked helmet; $79.99 for a Mohawk adorned helmet, and up to $250 for customized options such as airbrushed scenes from a favorite movie.

“There is no limit to what we can do for custom,” says Clark. “You can choose the option that looks best on your dog, or let your dog do the deciding.”

The helmet selection caters to female dogs too, including the airbrushed sassy pink dog helmet and designs like a purple “Glitter Flames” style.