Hospitality-centric luxury has changed. Take a look at the No1 Hotel in the World in 2016

This remote resort is making every moment count. Bathing in natural beauty – Nihiwatu will turn your holiday into a wellness retreat. Ready for your next holiday?

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Nihiwatu has made the dream of an unspoiled paradise island into a reality. Nihiwatu on the island of Sumba in Indonesia is the number one hotel in the world, voted by Travel + Leisure readers globally for it’s annual World’s Best Awards.

The recognition acknowledges the changing travel habits of today’s consumer who seeks a new type of luxury: experiential in scope, activity-driven, cultural, philanthropic, and with attention to the details that encourage guests to discover the very best adventure, immersion, and fun.

“Hospitality-centric luxury has changed,” said Nihiwatu owner Chris Burch. “It is more than just the finer touches. It has evolved to a custom itinerary, a personal journey, unexpected experiences, and a curiosity for the unknown. We have been extremely fortunate to exceed everything we set out to deliver with the Nihiwatu concept.”

The Millennial traveler has accelerated this approach. Having grown up in a world of technology where travel is easier than in previous generations, they are taking full advantage to travel the globe in search of new experiences according to the WYSE Travel Confederation New Horizons Study.

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Re-imagined and re-opened in 2015, Nihiwatu has quickly captivated travelers from all corners of the world. On the remote island of Sumba in southeastern Indonesia—the size of the state of Massachusetts and only a 50-minute flight from Bali—the once cult surf destination with it’s own popular, private wave was acquired by Burch in association with hotelier James McBride in 2012 and developed into a culturally immersive enclave of equal parts active adventure and endless indulgence, in an exotic and authentic setting.

Nihiwatu is also “a philanthropic vehicle” dedicated to fostering community-based projects. During their stay, guests are introduced to the Foundation’s efforts through a presentation and a film. Many guests subsequently become benefactors to the Foundation. The result is a rare collaboration between a resort and its local community that today co-exist with compelling interdependence: the resort has become the biggest employer on the island and the Sumba Foundation gives back to the local communities. Over the last fourteen years, the Foundation has set up four medical clinics, and has developed over 100 water wells and water stations. The Foundation currently feeds young children in a malnutrition program, and has refurbished and supported 15 primary schools and provides lunch for over 1,000 schoolchildren twice a week.

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