Homage to one of the great CEO of our time – Vittorio Mosca

Vittorio Mosca was also a very good friend of mine, one of the most respected person in Milan and the one who could take you to the most eclectic parties.

I will always remember the way he was feeling so easy going between the inaccessible Milanese High Society, to art or Italian literature lectures in Milan. This way to jump from one world to another with exactly the perfect understanding of each world and the exact attitude will allow him today to join this new dimension with harmony.

One of the best CEO in the Luxury Business – He gave FRETTE the possibility to expand worldwide and was the first to understand the importance to re-centre in one unique store CASA DEL BIANCO in New York to keep the quality and the best service for the most exigent customers in quest of Excellence.

*The “Push for Luxury” and the Remaking of a Brand*

Fast-forward 130 years, to May 2nd 1989, Vittorio Mosca, a descendent of Maggi, the founder of Frette, is elected by the board as President and CEO of modern Frette.Under his leadership, the Frette that through the years had established a reputation as a dependable, medium-priced, local brand of bed and table linens, starts to move in a different direction. Mosca devised and implemented a global strategy by opening retail outlets outside Italy.Under his leadership the superior qualities of Frette fabric and their innovative design started to become major factors for the brand.In a push to promote Frette as a luxury brand, Mosca hand-picked a select group of “high-quality” suppliers to “elevate” the Frette product line. One of the most important suppliers was the Gargantini’s family textile mill (now in its 6th generation). One hundred years after their collective founding, the two “local” families meet and join in a Supplier/Customer relationship.

*1998 – 2000 Frette’s Derailment Gives Birth to “Casa del Bianco”*

Mosca’s visionary “push for luxury” was destined to be derailed by a hostile take-over of Frette in 1998.Mosca would leave the helm and the sale of Frette and eventual acquisition of the company by another group of investors would leave lead to a downward spiral and erosion of the venerable brand. Historic retail stores would close to be replaced by discounted outlets. The factory would close and the “brand” slowly, but inexorably, lost its “luxury” allure. But like his famous ancestor, Maggi before him, Mosca saw an opportunity. He took his vision, his strategy and his passion for luxury textiles and formed a new company: Casa Del Bianco.Together with former top management from Frette and the Gargantini family partnership, a new enterprise was born with the goal to push the “Luxury Linens” concept even further.

*The “Push for Luxury” Continues Forever at Casa Del Bianco*

The story concludes with the spirit, the history and the tradition of the founders intact.Behind the birth of “Casa del Bianco (CDB)”, Vittorio Mosca, Gianluca Gargantini (both heirs carrying on their families’ legacy) and Fabrizio and Lupe Biasiolo (former senior Frette management) have united in a partnership to keep the “Push for Luxury” alive. After more than 170 years, the “specialized, door-to-door service” at the heart of Fortunato Gargantini’s business combines anew with the highest quality products associated with the Mosca name to provide unmatched service and fine linens to another generation. Only this time, it is not only for the nobles residing or vacationing in Milan, but everybody in the world with an acquired taste for luxury.

*Vittorio Mosca will always be there in our mind forever to remind us the importance of perfection and this “Push for Luxury”.*

A material by Creezy Courtoy