Hasselblad H4D-60 – new features

Hasselblad H4D-60 – One more step in the making of a photographic legend

With its impressive 60 million pixels, ultra-high resolution, and the clarity and shallow depth-of-field shooting demanded by today’s most demanding professionals, the H4D-60 has set new industry standards for performance, resolution, and quality in medium format DSLR cameras. Check also the phocus software, out-of-the-box Hasselblad Natural Colors, the outstanding H System lenses, and all other benefits of the H4D line.

Hasselblad raised the photographic bar even further with the addition of a comprehensive firmware upgrade that brings a load of new features and functions to the Hasselblad H4D platform. Now, in addition to its improved controls and functionality, better sensor cooling, live video and high-speed flash sync, the H4D-60 also features a range of new features, including:

* One-Click, instant digital focus check;
* Two directional, electronic spirit level;
* An improved, high resolution display;
* New rear display with grip info displayed on the back.

Here are the works of some of the world’s leading photographers that have used H4D-60 camera.