Guerlain Exclusive Fragrance Experience

Guerlain Exclusive Fragrance Experience with Marie Line Patry
Guerlain Exclusive – theatrical experience

Now you can take advantage of Guerlain fragrance expertise. “Fragrance Experience” events in stores, hosted this fall by Guerlain’s National Fragrance and Beauty Director, Marie Line Patry, will offer a complete fragrance experience within a luxurious, bespoke Guerlain trunk.

“The fragrance trunk is a multi-sensorial tool that will help bring to life each of the main pillars within Guerlain’s Exclusive Fragrance Collection. Marie Line can now take every customer on a journey to La Maison Guerlain at 68 Champs Elysées, through the brand’s history and deep into the legacy of craftsmanship and know-how that sets Guerlain apart from all other fragrance houses.”

The experience incorporates videos, music and visual elements all designed to illustrate the perfumer’s inspiration for each creation. Each drawer of the trunk opens to reveal an exceptional 360° view of the fragrance collection inside. The trunk stands over five feet tall, and will create a “theatrical experience” that heightens the senses and enhances the emotions experienced when a new fragrance is encountered.