Ginori 1735 x Off-White, and Cassina reinterpret, resize and reshape perfumes and porcelain

A rediscovery of pleasure and personal passions, but above all of the courage to live them.

@Ginori 1735 LCDC collection 2022

Ginori 1735 presents the new Home Fragrance collection Profumi Luchino and the new fragrances of LCDC on the occasion of Milano Design Week 2022.

Ginori 1735, the expression of the Italian excellence in the field of luxury and lifestyle, one of the world’s leading brands in pure porcelain and in the design, protagonist of Milano Design Week 2022 with the first preview of the new Profumi Luchino home fragrance collection, designed by Luke Edward Hall, and of the two new fragrances Amber Lagoon and Musk Road of the LCDC collection, La Compagnia di Caterina, designed by Luca Nichetto.

The new Profumi Luchino home fragrance collection is also celebrated by a video directed by Virgilio Villoresi. Filmed entirely using stop-motion and animated cartoon techniques, the video leads the spectator bit by bit into the world imagined by Luke Edward Hall for Ginori 1735, defining a specific hand-made material scenario for each of the places loved by the artist, in the vein of the incisive style that characterizes Hall’s decorations and of the artistic tradition of the Florentine Manifattura.

On the occasion of Milano Design Week, Ginori 1735 unveiled the new creations that are fruit of the collaboration with Off-White and Cassina: the second part of Off-White™ c/o Ginori 1735 collaboration, which remixes and reinterprets, resizes and reshapes a cylindrical vase, a cachepot vase, an ashtray, and a lidded box from the Ginori 1735 archives, and Post Scriptum, a collection of unique, hand-painted porcelain objects, fruit of the collaboration with Cassina and signed by Formafantasma.

@Profumi Luchino x @Ginori1735 collection

Profumi Luchino: A marvellous adventure begins.

Profumi Luchino is the new Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection, produced in collaboration with the British artist and designer Luke Edward Hall: five fragrances designed to envelop you in their scent and take you on a journey – imaginary and yet so vivid – to the artist’s most well-loved destinations.

The Cotswolds, Marrakech, Rajasthan, Big Sur, Venice. Visiting each of these places, Luke Edward Hall was overwhelmed and enchanted by the scents, and playing on the memory of these sensations he found inspiration for the fragrances in this collection. But that was not all. For each of these places in the real world, Luke Edward Hall has designed an imaginary dwelling: five buildings which symbolize the romantic atmospheres that each fragrance evokes. Fox Thicket Folly speaks of the Cotswolds, La Gazelle d’Or of Marrakech, Rajathra Palace of Rajasthan, Rain Rock Creek of Big Sur and Palazzo Centauro of Venice. This is what makes Profumi Luchino a sensory journey in five stages.

@Profumi Luchino x @Ginori1735 collection

The Profumi Luchino collection is composed of scented candles in molten wax, cast by Italian experts in cylindrical porcelain containers decorated by hand. Each fragrance is accompanied by a plate and a trinket tray, both hand-finished and decorated with designs suggested by Luke Edward Hall, depicting the five locations. Finally, each fragrance has its own unique and distinctive object: a candlestick, an incense holder, a covered pot, a lidded box and sculpture candlestick inspired by a head of Ganymede. All in Ginori 1735 porcelain and all entirely made and decorated by hand. They are Luchino’s Souvenires: mementos of an imaginary journey, memories of wonders that never existed; or an invitation to open up new horizons in everyday life.

LCDC, La Compagnia Di Caterina

Also for the occasion of Milano Design Week, the Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection LCDC, La Compagnia di Caterina, designed by Luca Nichetto, now has two new fragrances: Amber Lagoon and Musk Road.

A collection synthesizing the figurative tradition of the Manifattura and the contemporary vision interpreted by Luca Nichetto, composed of candles in various sizes and colours, incense holder and fragrance diffusers.

LCDC brings olfactory signatures that stand out for the study, research and development of uniquely designed forms.

L’Amazzone (The Amazon), L’Amante (The Lover), Il Letterato (The Scholar), Il Seguace (The Companion), Il Favorito (The Favourite), Il Frate (The Friar), La Dama (The Lady), L’Addetto al Fuoco (The Fire-Master) are characters in the court of Catherine de’ Medici, travelling with the Queen of Florence to Paris, who breathe life into the Ginori 1735 home fragrance collection LCDC, La Compagnia di Caterina.

@Ginori1735 x @Profumi Luchino

For LCDC, Luca Nichetto was inspired by lucha libre masks, the illustrations of Jean-Paul Goude and graffiti art. In the designer’s creative vision, the statuesque faces of the characters become the archetypal protagonists of the collection. With a design that mixes the classicism of ancestral statues with rigorous lines, the faces and sculptures take on an iconic and mysterious dimension. A fusion of graphic symbols with an alchemical flavour and colours that recall the ingredients used to create the fragrances. A symbolic sensory journey between places and traditions. Developed by Jean Niel, the oldest French perfume company, founded in 1779, the LCDC fragrances are designed to be unique and timeless, evoking stories, restoring sensations and diffusing naturally and permanently.

Amber Lagoon, the scent of a walk in lost time, and Musk Road, a crossroads of scents that unfold along the silk road, are in harmony with the other fragrances in the collection: Orange Renaissance, a tribute to the Renaissance with an essence that can seduce and burn with love; Black Stone, the scent of mystery and discovery capable of keeping the fire alive in each of us; and Purple Hill, the scent memory of the Tuscan hills covered in summer flowers which is striking, persistent and persuasive. Five fragrances capable of blending with the environment, but especially with the person who chooses them, in a delicate, intimate, and unobtrusive way.

In keeping with creativity and art, Ginori 1735 also awakens the afterlife of LCDC. Individual pieces come with refills that can be replaced when the fragrance runs out. Thus, the LCDC characters are mixed with the different fragrances, starting a new life cycle.

Each character has a meaning, as does the packaging which reveals the Medici symbol, reimagined with a flame at the centre.