Flying yachts – the aircrafts of the near future

Flying yacht: Seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht

The idea of combining the air transport with water vehicles is literally in the air. Seaplane-convertible yacht,
sailboat airplane, honeymoon space shuttle, innovative plane propulsion system, large capacity interurban air
transport. The science-fiction projects created by Octuri have a single goal – to create dream planes.

The latest Octuri aircraft concept include a flying yacht, a seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht. It was designed for the princes Aziz, Dawood & Hashim, corporate executives of the “Masqat Airways” air transport company, and allows them to enjoy sailing along the Omani coastline with its 600-km range in the plane version. Four dual propellers “Nissen & Brasseur” powerhead engines are taking care of the propulsion in Plane mode.

The sailing yacht has four mobile masts that can be transformed into a plane. The sails are retracted and the four masts are lowered to become wings.

The yacht has two main decks, a half-deck in the aft and another half-deck in the fore for the cockpit. The lower deck features a main room, a kitchen, a toilet and a storage room. The main room’s floor is above the sea level, so that the windows can be just above the boat’s waterline.

Octuri has also in its portfolio some interesting futuristic, imaginary, planes like: “The sailing aircraft“, a sailboat-convertible seaplane, “Flagellum oscillator“, an alternate solution to traditional propulsion system, City planes (large capacity interurban air transport), and a “Honeymoon space shuttle” (Space Shuttle for a weightlessness honeymoon).

Seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht / Boat Mode:
Length: 46,2 metres
Width: 27 metres
Rigging: 4 masts
Height: 50,7 metres
Height of masts: 40,6 metres
Surface of the sails: 1302 m² (sails + masts surface)

Seaplane-convertible trimaran sailing yacht / Plane mode:
Wingspan: 90,4 metres
Height: 27,6 metres
Engines: “Nissen & Brasseur”
Engine power: 4 x 5400 ch
Maximum speed: 390 km/h