Exploring Guadeloupe by Superyacht

The cluster of islands that make up the French Caribbean shores of glittering Guadeloupe are an inspiration for those looking to escape the crowds and digest a healthy dose of gorgeous culture . Soft sands with barely a footprint, dense emerald forests, sheer climbing cliffs, tumbling waterfalls and local laughter make this a sublime superyacht destination to explore.

MY Starfire, superyacht for charter in both the Mediterranean and Caribbean sea, has long been providing winter escapes to far flung shores, but nothing can compare to spending the cold hard months basking in sweet sunshine on the superyacht sundeck, stepping onshore to discover sheer beauty and soaking up five-star treatment around the clock. Wake up to the sweet scent of sugar cane, meander on the bright shores of Terre-de-Haut and discover the finesse of fine home cooking in Guadeloupe.

Basse-Terre Island for an adventure

Glittering like an emerald rising from the rich azure waters, the sumptuous National Park spills across the island of Basse-Terre. Black woodpeckers beat against the climbing mahogany trees, waterfalls enshrouded in silver mist invite you to cool off in their pools and the remnants of sugar and cocoa plantations still spill their scent into the fertile air.

Divers will find all their dreams come true at the infamous Réserve Cousteau, where the coral beds teem with rainbow life in this protected chunk of carved coastline. Hiking trails wind up to the dramatic shadow of La Grande Soufrière volcano and the charming colonial town sits prettily in the nook of greenery.

Grande-Terre for a splash of glitz

The big island offers crashing Atlantic surf and remote wilderness on its northern tip and beautiful beaches, charming cafes and delectable seafood on the more popular shores of the south. Simple pleasures can be found on this picturesque island.

You can tee off at the only golf course in Guadeloupe at St Francois, partake in white knuckle watersports like surfing and visit the small and fascinating collections of museums that prickle the town.
Be sure to bag a table at the Café Iguana, the finest on the island serving up fresh seafood with shades of saffron and mouth-watering meats paired perfectly with sweetened local rum.

La Désiderade to drop off the world

Simplicity and ease are two things you can certainly find on the small flat but lavishly green island of La Désiderade. On the soft shores you won’t find exotic resorts, high class cafes or designer boutiques. In fact, it is more commonplace to see tiny French gites, plastic tables propped up on the sands and makeshift bars with coolers of beers sweating in the sun. You can lose days and even weeks dipping into the cool blue waters, eating fish fresh from the grill and conversing lazily with the locals.

Marie Galante Island for a stiff drink

Broken windmills creaking in the salt sea breeze, sugar plantations stretching out for miles and plenty of tangled green trails leading to pristine stretches of sand and rippling sapphire waters make this island well worth stopping by.

Noted as producing the best rum in the whole of Guadeloupe, you can sip Ti’ Ponch in the shade and watch the horse and carts trundle past. Feuillere Beach is one of the most breathtaking strips of sand you could ever imagine with its untouched serenity, swaying palms and patchwork shades of blue and green that makes up the crisp clear waters lapping the bay.

A superyacht adventure to the shores of Guadeloupe onboard Starfire is less about glitz and glamour and more about discovering the local ambience in this tiny piece of paradise. Bright open air markets,crumbling churches, clusters of houses peeking out of the jungle and fresh seafood being hauled off the boat are all things that add to the easy charm of Guadeloupe making it a truly off the beaten track destination for those wanting to see a world barely touched by tourism.

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