Eva Herzigová is Dior’s Capture Totale

Eva Herzigová – the face of Dior Capture Totale Serum. In 2015, experience the new Capture Totale Serum, the first total youth skincare by Dior.

A serum is the skincare treatment most concentrated in active ingredients. It is formulated to vector its active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin. It acts in perfect synergy with the cream, the cornerstone of deep and lasting effectiveness. True intensive skincare, a serum is especially recommended for when the skin is most solicited, e.g. during the changing of seasons.

Dior has expanded its skincare line with a serum that promises to leave skin plumped and toned. After fronting the campaign for the last year’s Capture Totale DreamSkin, actress and model Eva Herzigová fronts ads for Dior’s new anti-aging “Capture Totale Serum.” The line includes age-defying products, including Multi-Perfection Makeup Base, Dreamskin, Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment and the new Serum.

Dior Researchers‘s approach to facial skin ageing is now focused on the face’s plump contours. The secret to plump contours ? The elastic matter produced deep within the skin. The new Capture Totale Le Sérum is the first total youth skincare by Dior capable of stimulating the production of elastic matter at the heart of the skin. For the new product, Dior Researchers have created a boosted Longoza extract from the Dior Gardens with enhanced properties that is capable of synchronising stem cells.

According to Dior, Capture Totale Le Sérum can be used by all women from the age of 30, either as a preventative step to maintain the skin’s plump appearance or to correct a lack of elastic matter.

The New Capture Totale Le Sérum’s formula, combining advanced technology and pleasure, is lightweight, infinitely silky and intensely fresh. Intelligent and hyperactive, it fuses closely with the skin upon 1st contact,” says Dior Beauty.

The new campaign was shot by French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier.