Emporio Armani Remix Capsule Collection

An urban wardrobe designed for those with busy city lives, without sacrificing style.

Team Italy always looked classy in Armani. The Italian athletes were outfitted from head to toe in custom Giorgio Armani for the 2016 Summer Olympics. No stranger to outfitting athletes, Armani is now designing all the formal and leisure wear for the urban athletes.

Emporio Armani’s macro eagle has landed on blousons, leggings, sweatshirts, and shorts. The latest Emporio Armani Capsule Collection focuses on urban lifestyles. The name clearly references music, a universal language and a strong connecting force that has always inspired the Italian fashion house.

The design of the clothes is understated and functional, the fit oversized and contemporary. The logo, always clearly visible and graphically reworked, is a decorative mark and a symbol of belonging to a new urban generation that strongly identifies with music.

Compact neoprene effect cotton was used for sweatshirts, while parachute nylon was favored for more technical pieces such as windbreakers and shorts. Cotton jersey can be found on T-shirts and technical cotton for leggings featuring an all-over macro eagle logo pattern.

Like for the Olympic campaign, the Remix models show off their athleticism and showcase the movement of the capsule collection.

emporio-armani-remix-2016-capsule-collection emporio-armani-remix-2016-capsule-collection-for-urban-lifestyles emporio-armani-remix-2016-capsule-collection emporio-armani-remix-2016-capsule-collection-shorts emporio-armani-remix-2016-capsule-collection-white