Dos and don’ts of champagne: App to teach users to appreciate champagne’s rituals


G.H. MUMM Turns Men into Gentlemen with Champagne Protocol iPhone App

How to be a true gentlemen with champagne? Champagne house G.H. MUMM has an illustrated iPhone application that teaches the enthusiasts to appreciate champagne’s fascinating rituals. Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM is designed to initiate users into the rules of champagne, for their drinking pleasure. In particular, they’ll learn how to handle a jeroboam, sabre a bottle of champagne, bring it to the perfect temperature, and serve it in an appropriate glass.

G.H. MUMM’s new iPhone application will turn every man into a gentleman around a bottle of bubbly. Famed Israeli designer and artist Noma Bar lent his talent to the design of the application’s sharp, classic illustrations throughout each of its 12 carefully curated chapters, which properly reflect G.H.MUMM’s rediscovered champagne rituals.