Don’t let your pooch feel lonely instead take him out at dog-friendly restaurants in London

Having a dog is a dream but it’s heartbreaking to leave him alone at home while you are out dining and making merry. If you are the one who always wondered what your dog might be thinking or feeling when left alone. Or all you wished for was a decent restaurant where you could take your pooch and enjoy a hearty meal then your wait is over. This year you can visit classiest of hotels and restaurants in London with your head held high as a proud dog owner and also can use discount codes from Bydiscountcodes for pocket-friendly meals at best of the hotels. Does it sound unbelievable?

dog-friendly bar smithandwhistle london

dog-friendly bar SmithandWhistle London; photo source:

Well, the read ahead to know more about the hotels:

1. Vinoteca, Soho: If your true companion is your pet and all you want is to do grab a bite in an Italian restro-bar, sip wine and enjoy some Italian and Spanish delicacies then Vinoteca is your place. The rich British and European cuisine is delectable and the menu changes every day but most important, it is a pet-friendly hotel. If you want to host a party of 50 they can easily accommodate.

2. Egerton House Hotel: Imagine an afternoon where you and your dog are sitting in a palatial drawing room, you sipping your cup of tea and your dogs having their own delicious meal? Can there be anything perfect than this? Well, then it’s time to make reservations as Egerton House Hotel, who not only accommodate pets but also have a specific menu for dogs including chicken, biscuits and also give a special chew toy for them.

3. Smith & Whistle: Why can’t dogs have happening weekends? Yes, now they can at Smith & Whistle which is the first restaurant in London that has launched dog tails. Yes! You hear it right not cocktail or mocktail but dogtail for your pooch. These drinks are safe for consumption and include ginger & tonic, prosecco with blueberries for the elegant and royal dogs who love to have a drink and enjoy the weekend in bars.

4. Ben’s Canteen: Are you looking for something casual to ditch your office or laze around on a lazy Sunday? Well, then Ben’s Canteen is the right place for you and your canine to have a burger, French fries or shakes and just a peaceful meal with your pet by your side.

5. The Milestone Hotel: Enjoy a meal with your girl gang in winter and make sure your dog gets what it deserves. Your time, attention and a hearty meal. While you are enjoying tea/coffee with your girlfriends with a sumptuous pastry; your dog will also be treated with dog bites that will make him ecstatic.

dog-friendly bar smithandwhistle

Dog-friendly bar SmithandWhistle London; photo source:


These are a few restaurants and bars where not just you but your dog can also have a good time. So next time, when you are planning to paint the town red, don’t forget your pal your pet.

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