Despite restrictions, 2021 has been great for boat launches and sailing achievements: British Yachting Awards


The 2021 British Yachting Awards, as ever, is a snapshot of a fascinating and thriving international sailing scene.

Despite ongoing restrictions, 2021 has been a great year for sailing victories. Indeed, the strength of each category’s shortlist gives no hint of wider events. Through innovation, commitment and enthusiasm, the marine industry has adapted and continued to thrive. Gear manufacturers have continued to impress with innovations across the board. Boat manufacturers have continued to identify niches and create boats that push the boundaries. Sailors, of course, got on the water where they could and put in some remarkable performances, in the professional and amateur spheres.

@Lagoon 55 catamaran

Here are 2021 British Yachting Awards winners:

  • 2021 Cruising Yacht of the Year JOINT WINNERS Dufour 470 and Jeanneau 60
    For heading across the channel and hopping across the coast of Europe or just weekends away with the family, these are the cruising boats that caught our eye this year.
  • 2021 Multihull of the Year WINNER Lagoon 55
    Multihulls are fast becoming the craft of choice for the cruising sailor wanting to get where they are going fast and with plenty of versatile accommodation options.
  • 2021 Bluewater Cruiser of the Year WINNER Discovery 48S yacht
    There is a growing number of sailors who want to go further and challenge themselves with some true offshore cruising. These are the boats that will best get you across the Atlantic, around a great cape or perhaps to the far north.

    @Pogo 44

  • 2021 Performance Yacht of the Year WINNER Pogo 44 yacht;
    2021 Out and out racers, as well as some that would suit cruising too.
  • 2021 Event of the Year WINNER Vendée Globe
    Event organisers had a challenge negotiating ever-changing restrictions, but their tenacity meant this category is packed with great contenders for yourvotes.
  • Marina of the Year WINNER Lymington Berthon
    Honouring the marinas which go above and beyond in their offering to the sailing community. Here the British Yachting Awards pick the marinas that
    provide the best facilities, warm welcomes and options for sailors.
  • 2021 Sailor of the Year WINNER Murdoch McGregor
    Despite the restrictions, there was no shortage of great sailing performances to savour this year.
  • 2021 Youth Sailor of the Year WINNER Katie McCabe
    An impressive group of high-performing youth sailors, all deserving of praise.

    @ ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo

  • 2021 Equipment Innovation of the Year WINNER ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo
    Safety devices, high-tech plotters and clever stuff to make you go faster.
  • 2021 Clothing Innovation of the Year WINNER Musto Flexlite Vapour range
    Clothing innovations, aiming to make our sailing more comfortable, wherever we are in the world.
  • 2021 Yachting Charity of the Year Award Winner: Disabled Sailors Association
  • 2021 Outstanding Achievement of the Year Award Winner: Pip Hare
    Those individuals or groups who deserve special credit for achievements on the water or ashore.

    @ ePropulsion