Crystal football table by Teckell

Life is one continous game, and we are its players. Enjoy the luxury of taking some time off to thins about it. Tradition football table has been adapted by Italian brand Teckell intro a revolutionary piece of art capable of lighting up the entire room.

Cristallino is the most recent addition to the renowned Teckell Calcio Balilla Collection and it is constructed entirely of crystal glass and aluminum using the most sophisticated technology.

The purity of its lines, coupled with the luxurious elegance and grace of Teckell make this a highly coveted possession.

Cristallino Gold Le specifications:
• Diamond shaped case in low iron crystal glass, thickness 19mm;
• Player field in crystal, transparent black color;
• Players and accessories in 24k gold and nichel;
• Table legs transparent crystal;
• Handles in 24k gold and nichel;
• Product weight: 106kg;
• Box dimension: 137cm x 98cm x 45cm (h);
• Box weight: 142kg.